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Sep 13, 2007 08:23 AM

Anyone tried Devito's? Reviews? What to order?


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  1. Can you identify the location or is it a place that anyone in that area ( whatever it is ) will know
    Florida is a big state

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    1. re: eimac

      150 Ocean Drive ..The best address in Miami...across from the Marriott

      1. Devitos is the most overpriced restaurant in sobe. Go next door to prime 112 and get better food for half the price.

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        1. re: tpigeon

          Some of my lunch just came up when I saw you suggested that Prime 112 is half the price of anywhere.

        2. I agree with tipigeon. Skip Devitos. The service was horrible (even by SOBE standards) and out of the 4 entrees that our group ordered, the chicken was the only thing worth remembering.
          ps. they couldn't make a mojito to save their lives. who in SOBE can't make a decent mojito??

          oh yeah, prices are ridiculous.

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          1. re: miamialli

            Totally agree with the other reviewers. I went to Devito's with liquor suppliers who sell to the restaurant and we too had horrendous service. First, they tried to serve us wine that was entirely different from the wine we had selected (Nice try especially since we were dining with wine connoisseurs!). Then, it took almost 30 minutes (no exaggeration!) for the waiter to "find the correct vintage". Only after this fiasco did the waiter begin to explain the menu and take our orders. We were a large group and few were impressed with the food. In fact, the only thing that DID "impress" us was the outlandish bill at the end of the meal. For these prices, mediocre food, and unpolished service, I wouldn't return.

          2. The original comment has been removed