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Sep 13, 2007 08:21 AM

Yazuza --- usually empty

Does anyone know why Yazuza (18th st, down from the bars) doesn't seem to get much business? Thinks its definitely one of the yummier (and casual, inexpensive) eats on that strip, but can't understand why it is usually quiet even when the rest of the street is buzzing. Just curious if anyone has any insights.

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  1. I think you mean Yazuzu (nitpicky, but for clarification purposes for those that have never heard of it). It's a relatively new place in Adams Morgan with a Middle Eastern menu. I've not been, but could think of a few ideas of why the place isn't buzzing.

    -The location is odd. It's below the Adams Morgan buzz (bordered I'd say at Kalorama) and above the Lauriol Plaza district buzz. Not lots of traffic there.

    -The minimalist design. It looks uncomfortable and sterile to me. Makes me think of overly uber-trendy Sino-Euro design ala something I saw in Lost in Translation. I may be way off here, but the deisgn is just a little odd. The fact that it's a middle eastern place throws this off even more. The cuisine doesn't go at all with the decor. Seems like the design doesn't fit the taste of the neighborhood. (Lots of decor pictures on website). Weird that they have pictures of random people taking pictures of themselves in the otherwise empty restaurant. Pictures of a packed house would be nice, but as you've said, I've never seen a lot of people in here.

    I can't speak to the chow! Perhaps I'll try it sometime if I can get past the design.

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      "Don't judge a book by its cover." Maybe everybody thinks like you about the decor and that is why they aren't trying it. Check it out for yourself, the food I mean, before you make any decisions. You might love it!

      Good timing, as i just recommended this restaurant on another post.....