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Sep 13, 2007 08:17 AM

Thai Milano (UES)

Has anyone else tried this admittedly oddly named place? I've become addicted to their Thai fried rice, which has a nice charred taste to it and includes onions and tomatoes - you can order it with the protein of your choice. We've gotten delivery 5-6 times now, and after the first dinner, I ordered the fried rice for lunch the next day! Most other dishes have been quite good, though the pad thai was a decided disappointment - seemed to have some kind of tomato sauce - thin - on it. Delivery is usually really fast, but last night took almost an hour and a half though.

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  1. Had delivery from here again last night - fried rice as good as always, but the chicken dumplings were a bit "crunch" despite having been steamed.

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      Hi MMRuth,
      I've been doing a lot of searches on the UES (just moved to the neighborhood -- I'm on 89th between Lex and 3rd), and have seen a lot of your posts. Looking forward to trying some of your recommendations. I ordered from Thai Milano last night, and I am completely open to it having been a bad night, or just bad luck, but I have to say it was disappointing. We ordered the Basil Chili sauce w/ chicken, and many of the chicken pieces were severely undercooked (it was quite disconcerting). I also ordered the Thai fried rice, which was ok. It was definitely missing that nice charred taste that you mentioned and that typically makes for a good fried rice dish. Maybe the woks were underheated that night or something! We also got the red curry w/ tofu, which was pretty good. Taste-wise, everything was ok I guess -- maybe just an off night for execution. Anyway, just wanted to make a note of it. Since you've ordered from them several times, hopefully my experience was just a fluke. Thanks again for all of your UES posts!

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        Thanks for posting - I'm not saying it's the most amazing Thai food in the world, but somehow for me the thai fried rice hits the spot - maybe it's my nostalgia - or maybe I just had bad Thai fried rice as a kid! And I do think it could be more charred, but so far at least I've gotten some charred flavor. That chicken sounds like bad news though.

    2. I too order from here on a regular basis. Love the Masaman Curry and the Pad Thai. Amazingly generous if you ask for extra plum sauce, fast delievery, and really, really good lunch specials. They even deliver up to me and I live in Spaha..