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Sep 13, 2007 07:57 AM

Entertaining sister-in-law.....

OK guys - so my husband's sister and her spouse are coming in to celebrate their last months as non-parents as they are expecting twins early next year. She has made a request for authentic Italian and we are also going to see a Broadway show. Also, nothing very spicy. She's a teacher, he's a law student and we ourselves aren't exactly drowning in moola, so I'm trying to be reasonable with the budget here.

My ideas for authentic Italian:

For pre-theatre:

What do you guys think?

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  1. I'd do Crispo...
    Never been to Nook but have heard good things, though it's TINY.

    1. You can't go wrong w/Lupa or Crispo, but Crispo is easier to get into and somewhat less cramped.

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      1. Agree with other hounds: Lupa can be hit or miss (service, that is). Crispo is a much safer bet.

        1. Nook is great! Just a heads up that it only seats about 15 people and doesn't take reservations, so it is a good idea to have a back up plan in case you can't get in...

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          1. re: sara123

            You can make a reservation at Nook for parties over 3, which I did, so that's taken care of. I have a lunch rez at Lupa and a dinner rez at Crispo - will decide in a day or two which one we'll do.