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Blenheim Ginger Ale in Raleigh-Durham

I'm hooked on Blenheim's Ginger Ale.

It's a key ingredient in some of my favorite cocktails and delicious on it's own. But I'm having trouble finding retailers in the area. Harris Teeter stopped carrying it some time ago, and Fresh Market has it only very sporadically. I've tried any number of other brands, and they all come up short. I can order online, but the shipping charges are high.

Does anyone know of a place that regularly stocks this in the area?

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  1. In the winston/gso area Fresh Market only seems to have it on a regualr basis in the summer. They could surely order some for you now. Just stock up as fall approaches

    1. They seem to always have it at the state farmer's market in Raleigh. You can find it in the farmer's building that is behind the main produce area. I know at least one of the vender's carries it regularly and I think maybe two or three of them do.
      Good luck!

      1. Southern Season usually has it...both hot and mild

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          I always have trouble telling which is which because they aren't clearly labeled. Which one is the mildest?

          1. re: Jeff C.

            The red capped is hot, the (insert not-red color i'm blanking on, tan or blue?) is milder.

        2. FuzzyT, my granddaddy loved Blenheim's... thank you for bringing back such a pleasant memory. I see it every so often, so I will try to remember to post back for you the next time I do.

          Now, tell me, what sort of cocktails do you use it for? That sounds terrific to me...

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            Tehama, I had the same question...I've been drinking Blenheim since I was a child in South Carolina. What kind of drinks do you make with it?

            (Fresh Market on Cary Parkway has it pretty regularly, btw.)

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              I use Blenheim Hot in gin and gingers

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                I use Blenheim's hot ginger beer to make Dark & Stormys, which is simply a shot of dark rum, a squeeze of lime, and ginger beer over ice.

                I get my Blenheim's at Southern Season.

                Valdavid, it is by far the best ginger beer I've ever had. Once you've had it nothing else quite satisfies.

            2. I *love* ginger ale, but have never heard of this brand. Will it be the start of a relationship that I'll regret -- as in -- I'll pay outrageous shipping costs for it and/or go into withdrawal?

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                You're in for a surprise if you've never had Blenheim's ;-) It's better than any other brand that I have ever had. Seek it out, call the bottler, order a case... ok better make it 2 cases because you're not going to be disappointed.

              2. Retail Southern Season carrys both varieties. In restaurants both 411 West and Lantern sell it in Chapel Hill.

                1. What used to be Fowler's in Durham sold it. Now it's changed named (and owners?), I'd call before going there.

                  I used to like Blenheim's but it's got an almost caustic aftertaste. I stopped drinking it when I looked at the ingredients list and found no mention of ginger. I'd rather have a Fentiman's ginger beer. Not a ginger ale but tastes better and contains ginger.

                  1. I know you can order it online - but it's really expensive. I used to be able to get it here in Richmond VA, but no more. I couldn't even find it in Myrtle Beach this summer, which is where I was originally turned onto it.

                    1. Thanks folks. This gives me some leads. Sounds like Southern Season might be the most reliable of the lot, but I'm hoping my luck holds out at the State Farmer's Market. As I live in Raleigh, that's a lot more convenient. And I can get some fresh produce and a box of shrimp at the Seafood Restaurant while I'm there.

                      Blenheim's pretty much rules for any cocktail with ginger ale. By replacing the more common Canada Dry you add another layer of spicy flavor and bite that complements the liquor very well. Examples are the std. Bourbon & Ginger, the many variations on a Diablo and the Mojo.

                      Diablo = tequila, ginger ale, black currant liqueur, lime
                      Variations = replace blank currant with any good fruit syrup. tart cherry is a favorite.
                      Mojo = maker's, ginger ale, vanilla stoli, lime

                      1. They had in the Cameron Village Harris Teeter over the weekend. And if for some reason you go in there and dont see it, just fill out an item request form and they will special order it for you.

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                        1. re: Melusina54

                          South Carolina-
                          McArthur's Store, Hwy 38 - Blenheim, SC
                          Nickelodeon Theatre, Columbia, SC
                          Ford's Drugs & Medical, 435 E Main St # 2, Spartanburg, SC
                          Piggly Wiggly, 2100 Oakheart Road, Myrtle Beach, SC
                          Abbott Farms, Cowpens, Spartanburg, Gaffney, SC
                          The History Store - Lake City, SC
                          General Store at Barefoot Landing, Myrtle Beach, SC
                          Mast General Store - NC, SC, TN
                          Pee Dee State Farmer's Market - Florence, SC (843)665-5154
                          Frugal MacDoogal - Fort Mill, SC
                          Four oaks Farm - Lexington, SC

                          North Carolina-
                          Jackson Brothers BBQ and Produce - Sanford,NC
                          David's Produce, Hwy 220 - Ellerbe, NC
                          Thompson General Store - Saluda, NC
                          Mast General Store - NC, SC, TN
                          Indigo Farms - Calabash, NC
                          Mike's Discount Beverages - Charlotte, NC
                          Gone Hog Wild Barbecue - Charlotte, NC

                          Other Southern Spots-
                          Washington Street Purveyors, Lexington, VA
                          David's Produce and Country Store - Decatur, GA
                          Mast General Store - NC, SC, TN
                          Jittery Joe's Coffee, Watkinsville, GA

                          Everywhere's Else-
                          Zingerman's Deli - Ann Arbor, MI
                          Weiland's Gourmet Market, Columbus OH
                          Opera House Live, Shepherdstown, WV
                          Some Guys Pizza Pasta Grill, Indianapolis, IN
                          Great Jones Cafe, NYC
                          The Pig (BBQ Restaurant), Los Angeles, CA
                          Online Shopping
                          Beverage Warehouse
                          Fresh Market
                          Soda Pop Stop
                          Pepper Schlepper
                          Beverages Direct
                          Blue Dog Beverages
                          Pop- The Soda Shop

                        2. Not a place that stocks it retail, but the Colony Theater in Raleigh sells Belnheim Diet Ginger Ale. Quite good. Another reason to support the Colony.

                          1. Success!

                            A vendor in the permanent building in the State Farmer's Market was very well stocked. They also had some nice fresh eggs. I asked the nice older fellow who rang me up, and he said they ran a truck down to source every so often and had just returned.

                            While I was there I picked up some bratwurst, what might be my last local watermelon of the season and a bag of the very tasty Ginger Gold apples.

                            A good day at the market.

                            1. Bought some at Southern season in Chapel Hill several weeks ago--they have at least 3 kinds--regular, hot and diet