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Sep 13, 2007 07:29 AM

Recommendations near Sutton Place Hotel

HELP!...Meeting friends tonight who are staying at the Sutton PLace Hotel. Need a rec. for anything decent (i.e not to expensive - this rules out Bistro 990) in this area. They're not adventerous eaters either (rules out Ethiopia House or anything Japanese).

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  1. Head over to yonge street and there are two places within a block both on east side. One is called Brownstone and the other's name escapes me. Bistro type food.

    There is also an italian place right on Wellesley just before younge that is quite nice and resonable.

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    1. re: OnDaGo

      Mamina, which I think is the italian place OnDaGo refers to, is closed. Passed by last week and saw a sign that said they closed after 25 years of service. Too bad - it was on my list of restos to try.

      Near that is also Segovia (in the alley right by the Rabba store), a nice Spanish restaurant. Never had dinner there, but lunch is good and nice (tablecloths, etc.)

    2. Fire on the East Side is located just off Yonge St.
      Excellent food that is not that adventerous but everything has a nice twist to it. I have gone with large groups for lunch and not a single person has complained.

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        Agreed, FOTES, is a good place for the unadventerous without boring the others.

        If you want to go really cheap and cheerful, Olympic Pizza right next to FOTES is your most basic Italian.

        Also Hornero at Yonge, one block south of Wellseley (just south of Sobeys, West side) is also good food for the 'average eater' The wood burned oven pizza though, is quite nice - esp the 4 cheese one.

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          Ahhh... Olympic Pizza. What a great place. Thanks for the reminder of a tasty choice in the neighbourhood.

      2. Peridot Resto-Lounge on Yonge, just east of Bloor. Nice interior, decent food, not too expensive...and great cocktail menu.

        Wish is also good, beside the Payless Shoes store on Charles. But pricier than Peridot.

        1. Bar Volo on Yonge just south of Bloor is reasonable.

          587 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M4Y, CA

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            I've been to Volo many times, and have never been terribly impressed by their food. Excellent beer selection, and one or two decent appetizers, but the meals always leave something to be desired.