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Sep 13, 2007 07:16 AM

Best mexican food in Manhattan?

parents in town. group of six. looking for good ideas in midtown or above....thanks

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  1. dos caminos has a location at 50th & 3rd ave.

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      Good food? Authentic? or more like tex mex?

    2. Do you want fancy Mexican, casual??

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        In between I guess. Fresh guac, good salsa, etc. Have been to Rosa Mexicana (ok)...Maya a bunch of times and few other places. Trying to figure if there is anything that really stands out.

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          FWIW - I think Pampano, to which I linked below, is better than Rosa Mexicana, which I like - their guacamole is better though.

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            I love Mama Mexico's location uptown (103rd and Bwy, I think?) and Zocalo.

        2. I had a lovely meal at Pampano on Tuesday night - the focus is on seafood. The lobster taco appetizer, though $16 and a bit small, were delicious. They have a wide selection of tequilas and serve them with sangrita - a bit spicy for my taste - I diluted it with a bit of water - but my husband thought it was one of the best he's had in the states. Also thought the wine list was well chosen and quite reasonable.

          It is quite pricey though - guacamole is $13.

          Pampano Taqueria
          805 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10022

          1. I would recommend checking out the following recent thread on almost exactly the same topic. The places listed lean more towards the authentic (less upscale) end of the spectrum, but several are right in midtown west.