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Sep 13, 2007 07:12 AM

Pepe's, Sally's or Modern

I apologize if this has been covered to death but I have never had a New Haven Pie (not interested in Clam), we are travelling back on train from NYC to Union Station, New Haven in October on a Sunday around 7 pm (we will have a car in New Haven); We would like to pick up a pie before driving to Boston but we don't want to wait 1-2 hours in line. Suggestions please?

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  1. I have never experienced the legendary New Haven Pie, won't anyone help!!!

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      i've only had pepe's once, but for what it's worth, it ROCKED! and i've heard sally's is as good if not better....

    2. Well-- you will get a million different responses...some even saying that it's not worth it at all. I love New Haven pizza. I think all of these places are great. You'll probably have the shortest wait at Modern, and I think it's every bit as good as the other two, especially if you don't care about clams.
      A good resource for hearing a bit more about the pizza is

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        Thank you. I did go to, they reviewed all 3 and gave them all great reviews, I think I will try wherever there is the shortest wait (looks like Modern).

      2. You're in luck: 91 (and counting!) replies on this very topic:

        1. Personally I think Modern is head and shoulders above the other two. The wait at Modern almost never approaches an hour, and shouldn't be more than half an hour on a Sunday evening. Sundays are when I usually go, and there have been times when the wait was less than ten minutes. Pepe's and Sally's will always have longer waits, but still shouldn't be too bad. Pepe's and Sally's are a bit closer to Union Station, but Modern is a bit easier to get to as it is on the same street as Union Station (Union Ave becomes State St where it intersects with Frontage Rd).

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            What do you think, traditional pepperoni or Italian Bomb?

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                While I don't share the view that Modern is head and shoulders above Pepe's--I think they're each really good for their own reasons (haven't been to Sally's in years)--at Modern I love the onion pie (just sauce, mozz, and onions) or hot peppers with bacon. Both great.

                I know I'll get flak for this, but at Pepe's, in addition to the classics already mentioned, I really like a white pie with onion, spinach, and chicken. Not traditional, I know, but there's something about the way Pepe's scorching oven cooks the chicken that makes it really delicious and unique.

            1. Pepe's. FIL likes Modern better, but H and I love us some Pepe's. If you are calling in for take-out, you shouldn't have a wait (did I misinterpret "pick up"?). I swear they put crack in that sauce, I crave it. I get spinach and Italian sausage, but their white clam pie is supposed to be their "thing". I just haven't been able to get excited about seafood on pizza, but that's just me.