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Sep 13, 2007 07:11 AM

[MSP] Japanese Dollar Store? Cooking Cute...

I highly doubt that we have any Japanese dollar stores here in Minnesota, but my mom found one in TX on a trip once and I know they have them in Seattle. Check out this blog I just found... bento boxes and all of these "cute" girly food... &
Anyways, Japanese dollar stores sell all of these bento boxes, cute chopsticks, etc. I know this sounds juvenile. I was just wondering! (Maybe I need to find a shopping board..?) lol!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. You're wondering if there is a Japanese dollar store in MN? Not that I'm aware of. There is someone here in MN who sells Japanese imports, but I believe they sell online only. And I don't recall if they were selling bentos, either the cheap, kitchy ones or the fancier ones. I think they're at

      Sometimes gift stores will sell a very limited selection of this stuff. I think I might have seen a couple bento boxes at the Walker when we were there a few weeks ago...

      Of course, Japan is the best place to get cute bento boxes...and they even have dollar stores, too!

      And it's the presentation of the food that is so appealing, isn't it? I noticed even on those sites you list they sometimes put the food in simple tupperware-like storage containers.

      I love Japanese aesthetics! {sigh}

      1. Ahh. the hyaku-en ya san has come to America. These were very useful in setting up house and it would amaze a person the quality of goods they sold for 100 yen! They were miles better than any dollar store in the states.

        1. If you find your way to Phoenix, there's Banzai 99 Cent Plus at
          527 West McDowell Road. All kinds of fun stuff including a whole wall of Hello Kitty items.