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Sep 13, 2007 07:03 AM

Lunch spots near Wellsley and Bay (Toronto)

Any suggesitons for lunch places near here that are modest to mid-priced?

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  1. Government of Ontario Cafeteria in the McDonald Block

    1. I would recommend walking one street over to Yonge and Wellesley and deciding what type of food you feel like. There are a ton of great little restaurants in this area that are usually fast and cheap. Some examples:

      Red & White has great shawarmas,
      Yummy's BBQ is good cheap korena food,
      next door to that is the Bowl or noodle dishes.
      If you want carribean there are a few different ones in the area that all seem to serve the same food and taste good.
      Pi-Toms is good thai food,
      Koyoto sushi is good for sushi of course.

      If you have a craving for something it might be easier to tell you where to go given the type of food that you feel like.

      I strongly recommend that you do not go to the cafeteria in the government building. It is a big ripe off for REALLY bad food. You will pay more there then any of the other suggestions I have given you.

      1. As mentioned, Yonge and Wellesley has a number of excellent spots. You'll need to provide details to get specifics from there. A Bay Street option is the New Yorker Deli (at Charles on the west side), which has excellent sandwhiches and other quality deli food. I once had a good sandwhich from the place in the basement of the Manulife Centre - Scattia I think it's called.

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          The New Yorker is pretty good, but their breakfast items (omelettes, etc.) are totally forgettable.

        2. I live close by so i've done tons of tasting and I have to say go for Sister Saigon (Yonge, south of bloor). Awsome thai fusion food. Get the curry lamb, very very good.

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            I 2nd Sister Saigon . . . Lunch specials for around 8 bucks cant be beat . . . I have had nothing but good experiences there


          2. Hi,

            I 3rd Sister Saigon . . . Try the mustard greens and the eggplant . . . You definitely get a great lunch for under 10 bucks!