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Sep 13, 2007 06:56 AM

Restaurant recommendations for 15th arrondissement


We would like to get restaurant recommendations for the 15th district. Budget is in the 30-70 euros.

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  1. One of my favourites is Beurre-Noisette, 68, Rue Vasco-de-Gama, M°: Lourmel or Porte-de Versailles. Closed Sun/Mon. It's in your price range.

    BTW, the 15th arr. is the largest arrondissement surface-wise with lots of not too touristy places. Could you just narrow down a bit the exact neighourhood you're interested in?

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      We will be renting a friend's apartment on Rue St Charles.

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        Le Troquet rue Bonvin -- L'Antre amis in the 7th nearby -- Bo Cu in the rue Crois Nivert (vietnamese, under your budget) -- L'Os a Moelle -- le bistrot d'Hubert -- all great places. Stephane Martin. Chen (exceptional Chinese using French ingredients). A great Thai whose name I forgot at the corner of rue de l'ingenieur Keller et rue de la Convention. Another one place Etienne Pernet. There is a tiny pizzeria on rue Mademoiselle that is way under your budget, which makes me think...

        Eric Frechon from le Bristol opened a bistrot in the rue Mademoiselle: le Cristal de Sel. This is high on my list of places to try as Chef Frechon is one of y favourites in Paris.

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          Thank you for the recommendations. BTW, the best Vietnamese food (and very reasonable) is of course found in Westminster, CA where there is a large concentration of Vietnamese people...

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            Well, the low numbers of Rue St. Charles aren't all that far from the 7th arr. So, don't exclude that area.
            The friend you're renting from may have a couple of good ideas too, no?

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              Thanks for the tip. I'll go as soon as I can and am gonna need more precise addresses then.

              Meanwhile, if you are looking for the best Vietnamese restaurant in Paris, France (where, for obvious historical reasons, there is also a fair share of Vietnamese people), try Lac Hong, rue Lauriston, 16th (not that far from the 15th), amazing though pricey -- let the boss compose your menu. And in budget, except the one on the rue Croix-Nivert, you also have Pho 14, avenue de Choisy (13th - under 10€), Thao Ly rue Berthollet (5th - under 12€), and there is the younger brother of Lac Hong in Guyancourt, 78 (distant suburbs, close to Versailles) if you feel adventurous. Less expensive than his bro, in a little house in the forest. Amazing place, worth a detour.

      2. I dont know if you left already , but I was just in Paris and ate at Le grand Pan , a nice little place run by 27 year old chef benoit , It is definitaly a meat eater plce , with pork , veal and beef as the star of the meal . You can start with aglass of Cerdon , a very nice bubbly red wine. With you grilled piece of meat ( served for two) comes first a soup , followed by some of the best fries I had in a very very long time, a salad and the meat of your choice ( served for two) We added some wild sauted mushroom that were exquisit. The meat was cooked perfectly. We tried the three meats and all were good. On the menu as well were some brittany lobster , cooked ala plancha , supposedly the cheapest in Paris at 40E. When we went for lunch ( we stayed up-stairs from the place) we had a wonderfull veal stuffed with saussage and tons of goodies , slowly cooked in bouillion. benoit somtimes has some leftovers from lunch , so you could ask at dinner if you dont feel like eating this big meat.

        he told us , that lobster was comming to an end , so that St-Jacque would now be on the menu , followed later in the year by doe , and later wild boar.

        I dont know if english is spoken there , but the service was very nice and le grand Pan is now my favorite place in Paris !

        20, rue Rosenwald, Paris (XVe), 01-42-50-02-50. Ouvert de 12 h 30 à 14 heures et de 19 h 30 à 23 heures. Midi: 30 € à la carte. Soir: entrée d'office, plats pour 1 ou 2 personnes (40-50 €) et desserts (7 €). Fermé samedi midi et dimanche.