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Sep 13, 2007 06:23 AM

Quick Dinner Near Hart House?

Going to a show at Hart House this weekend, meeting friends first. Anywhere within walking distance for a not-too-fancy meal? Any cuisine, but prefer something on the light side.

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  1. I think Hart House has a pretty good restaurant.

    1. Walk 1 blk. south of Kings College Circle down either McCaul St or Henry Street and you'll hit Baldwin Street where there are several very good restaurants. Mata Hari Grill is good (Malaysian), La Bodega does decent french food (though a bit pricey), there's a couple of japanese restaurants which are both very good. And a Thai restaurant which is not bad either.

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        Hana Korea is pretty good too on Baldwin. Plus, there's Midi Bistro.

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          Matahari is amazing, but a warning: there's nothing quick about a meal there. Prepare to spend 90 minutes or so. Thai Paradise (on Baldwin), the place I'm assuming you were referring to, is good by Toronto Thai standards, very reasonably priced, and fairly fast with the service.

        2. Pho Hung on Bloor? That's the closest thing I can think of. The Hart House restaurant is excellent, but it's on the fancier side and you might have to reserve.

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            The aforementioned Hart House restaurant is called the Gallery Grill, and they only do weekday lunches and Sunday brunch.

            If you walk east from Hart House you'll be at Yonge & Wellesley in less than ten minutes. You can find quick and inexpensive places around there. For example, there's a new-ish place called Papaya near the SE corner that has decent Thai food. The Bowl is a touch south of Wellesley, and is a good Spring Rolls-esque (with much better food) place.

            The Baldwin option is a good one as well.

          2. It's also possible to go north from Hart House to Bloor St. - a block to the west is Real Thailand, which can be fast and quite excellent Thai. Also in that area is Fresh, which would definitely be light. I've had quite good food at Bar Mercurio South (I think that's the actual name - SE corner of Bloor and St. George), thought it is a bit overpriced IMO.

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              I definitely second Real Thailand.

              Real Thailand
              350 Bloor St W, Toronto, ON M5R, CA

            2. Thanks to everyone for all the great ideas. We decided to go to go early to Bodega. The prix fixe 3-course $29.95 menu looks good.