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How do you clean your ISI whipped cream maker?

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How do you clean your ISI whipped cream maker

1) Between uses

2) After it's empty

I'm referring to the whipped cream makers here:

Between uses (ex: For when company is over, between making pancakes in the morning and using for a dessert in evening), I immediately remove the tip and hold it under the kitchen faucet till it runs clear. But I don't do anything to the rest of it because I don't want running water to get into it, which *probably* is an invalid concern because of the vacuum. But then in the part where the tip connected , a small amount of whipped cream hardens there.

When it's completly empty, I don't put the whole top into the dishwasher because of the rubber gasket on the underside. But it's kinda a pain to really get clean.

Any tips?

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  1. between uses I do what you do (sometimes I run the rest under hot water too if it has that hardened cream on it and I've never had any problems). I also am hesitant to put the top into the dishwasher, so I usually just soak it (sometimes overnight) in hot soapy water and then use a soft brush on it if anything is still there. The container part I just rinse out and then stick in the dishwasher.

    1. I do pretty much the same with my tip between uses, I also give a quick squirt with the container upright to clear the mechanism. Look for a baby bottle nipple brush to clean the inside of the tip.

      When it's empty, I disassemble and soak the mechanism, remove the gasket from the screw on lid and run the whole thing through the dishwasher without using the heated dry cycle. I keep a box of pipecleaners in the drawer to run through the valve piece openings.

      Wow, when I put that all down it seem like a lot of work, but it's the only way my diabetic parents get sugar free whipped cream.

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        Thanks Scrapironchef and baloo !

        Scrapironchef, I agree that it's a great way to make delicious sugar-free whipped cream. I eliminate sugars whenever I can without sacrificing too much taste, and this is high on the list! One secret -- add 3/4 teaspoon of vaniilla to the 1 cup of cream. Yum!