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Sep 13, 2007 04:28 AM

NYT Coffee recipe

Hey all! My coffee maker up and died yesterday after about five years of faithful service. So after I ran to Starbucks, I dug up the NYTimes recipe for cold brewed coffee that was in the paper a few weeks ago. You soak 1/3 cup of coffee grounds overnight in 1 1/2 cups of water. This is supposed to make a concentrate that you dilute one to one.

Since having a friend from New Orleans in college, I have always used Lousiane or French Market coffee, so that's what I used for the recipe (it's supposed to be New Orleans inspired anyway). I let it sit for the specified 12 hours, and I diluted it 1 to 1 per the recipe. Well, it's really weak coffee, better when I used it straight up, but hardly the wonderful elixer I was expecting from the reviews. So, I'm wondering if anyone else uses this method with different proportions or with a stronger coffee like for esspresso. I'd like to try and get away with not buying another coffee maker.

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  1. A number of posters experimented with this:

    I recall that some of us also thought it was too weak to dilute 1:1.

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      I only dilute mine with a splash of milk. Try that and it's very good.

    2. I soak 1 part coffee (not espresso roast) to 3 parts water. I like strong coffee, and that's fine (no diluting) over ice cubes with a splash of milk and an enormous quantity of sugar.

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        Thanks all for your replies. As I haven't got a coffee maker yet, I'm going to try it full strength with regular coffee.