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restaurants with charm in Paris

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Hi all

I originally asked about the best solo dining spots but in retrospect think that restaurants with a neighborhood feel and charm is always a winner to put me at ease dining on my own - any further ideas?

Thanks, W

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  1. Ah, well, if you're in the 18th (near Jules Joffrin), you want to go to La Table d'Eugène at rue Eugène Sue 18. Good, basic French cooking at a reasonable price, a neighborhood clientele, and an extremely congenial proprietor. Tell Joel (the proprietor) that l'Americaine says "hi".

    1. I loved Le Partage-the food was good and interesting, the space lovely but the hostess and staff make it special...by the end of the evening, we felt like long-time regulars.
      Charming is the word for it. http://www.lepartage.com/en/index.html