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Sep 12, 2007 11:37 PM

Walking in to Osteria Mozza

Going to O Mozza for my birthday on Saturday...without a reservation. Anybody know what time I should get there? Or the average wait? Is it worth waiting for the Nancy Bar? Any help would be appreciated...

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  1. I walked up at 8:30pm and waited about an hour without a reservation. I believe this had been typical. The mozzarella bar is nice, but not so nice that I would wait longer for it.

    1. Go early - 5:30 to 6:00 - and you won't have to wait so long. You can watch folks begin to cluster around the doors around 5:00 for the bar seats. Going after 9:00 also means less wait. Be mindful there is absolutely no seating for you while you wait, just three tall marble-topped tables for everyone who has to wait to cluster around; you cannot sit at the (drinking) bar as that is dining space, too.

      1. My girlfriend and I showed up this past Saturday at 6 PM on the dot and snagged the last 2 seats at the bar (the regular one, not the Nancy bar). An hour later we probably would have had to wait half an hour for those seats; 2 hours later we would have been waiting hours. So definitely don't get there any later than that, and perhaps earlier. And the Nancy bar is nicer but we still had a great experience at the regular one.

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          "The Nancy Bar" is a cool way of saying it! From now on, it shall be "The Nancy Bar"

        2. A friend and I went on a Friday night, walk-ins, around 6:30 and got seats at the nearly empty "Nancy Bar"...It was really fun to watch her...she's very zen and despite all of the hustle and chaos around her, she's just doing her thing and occasionally chats with the bar clients...

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            We ended up going around 9PM on Saturday. Waited 40 minutes, ended up with a table which was nice. To me it looks like the Nancy Bar is worth the wait. I don't mind a stool, but I would have been annoyed with people (like myself) ordering drinks over the shoulder.

            I went to Mozza the first week and liked -- not loved. This time I loved. Service was AMAZING. The portions could be larger, but it was all pretty amazing. It jumped over Angelini for me as best Italian in LA.

            1. re: sloanedone

              gotta love the nancy bar.
              go early for ridiculous service.