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Sep 12, 2007 10:30 PM

Flakey Tart - Atlantic Highlands.

A while back I had a craving for a Pan Chocolate, (forgive my spelling - I not only kill french while speaking, I write it terrible as well!) and asked in a threadwhere to find it in Monmouth County. FOUND IT!!!!! This place is amazing. It's located in the same store front that used to be Just Great Desserts. I checked it out on Wednesday, and was told that the display cases were a little on the empty side as it is mid-week, and that there are more items on weekends. If there were more things available I may have exploded,, so maybe I'm better off. So here is what I tried today: Pan Chocolate, unbelievably flakey puff pastry, buttery with a nice filling of good quality chocolate. Next up a Ham & Gruyerre Croissant, same pastry with ham and cheese baked right into the dough, and finally Pecan Sticky Buns. The folks at this place actually had roll their own puff pastry dough. I have never seen a bakery like this outside of NYC. There were also a few savory items available, although outside if the croissant I didn't try anything. I have a strong suspicion that I may be going there again real soon (tomorrow) so if I try anything else I'll be sure to post

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  1. Herm, thanks for the tip. I must go and try the Ham & Gruyerre croissants -- and then to walk it off at Hartshorne Woods Park!
    I liked Just Great Desserts. This place sounds even better.

    1. Herm could you share where the Flakey Tart is located and hours of op if you know them.
      Thanks for the review.

      1. Location: 145 First Ave, Atlantic Highlands, NJ. Just a few doors down from the old Indigo Moon location.
        Flakey doesn't seem to have a phone listing yet.

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        1. re: val ann c

          Thanks Val, do you know if they are open 7 days?

          1. re: HillJ

            Ooops, in my excitment about the place I forgot to include these details! I know that they are closed on Monday, and I believe that they are open by 6:30 AM, and close around 6:00 PM. Unfortunatly I couldn't find a phone number either.

            1. re: Herm

              That helps alot, thank you. My dh loves pastries; sweet & savory.

        2. i must concur....... had the plesure of sharing with a fellow chef yesterday, pan chocolate. simply AMAZING ! the pastry was incredibly flakey and good quality chocolate. i am told the chef makes it herself. wow !!! also had a pecan something...amazing as well. kudos to the chef who takes the time to do things right

          1. I agree this is a great place. Loved the ham & gruyere and chocolate croissants. I also had an amazing raspberry thingy with crunchy topping and a delicious berry muffin.

            A friend went yesterday and said they now have to go sandwiches on baguettes.