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Sep 12, 2007 10:06 PM

Anniversary Dinner

I am looking for some anniversary dinner suggestions for Saturday night, preferably places outside of Boston (we are in So. NH).

Ideal place would serve Steak, chicken, possibly Italian. Looking to stay in the range of $30 per person, give or take. I welcome any ideas, especially smaller "hidden jewels" or unique restaurants. Thanks.

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  1. I don't know where in So. NH you are, but it you are in the 93 area.

    Here are some of my choices:

    And all of these choices are in your price range. They may not be hidden jewels, except Angelo's, but they are my summer fav's. Can you tell I love to sit outdoors? ; )

    Angelos's in Stoneham (the restaurant side)
    The Oar House in Portsmouth (outdoor)
    The Black Cow Newburyport(sit outdoor)
    Danversport Yacht Club, Danvers (outdoor)

    1. Blue Ginger


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        Last time I was at Blue Ginger, you couldn't get out of there for even close to $30/person; many of their entrees are in the mid-30s. It's not a steak-chicken-Italian place. And far from being a hidden gem, I might call it one of the most undeservingly overhyped restaurants in Greater Boston.

        A place that might fit your bill is The Grapevine in Salem, MA. It's very pretty, and has the kind of menu I think you're looking for, generous portions and a basic but serviceable wine list. Lovely pastas around $20. You won't quite get out for $30/person here, either (entrees in the 20s), but it feels like an occasion place without being formal or stuffy. Very friendly service, good cocktails in their smallish, full bar. Decent options for vegetarians, too, which is rare in the suburbs. Free parking.

        Check out their menu here: