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Sep 12, 2007 09:42 PM

Haribo: candy from Germany, any good?

At CostPlus World Market Haribo candy are on sales in my area for 3 bags for $5. Worth trying? Flavors in the ad were Colorado & Tropifrutti.

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  1. Haribo is my favorite gummies ever. I'm not familiar with those flavors cuase i usually just get the bears/worms. However, make sure they are the ones actually made in germany. the us made versions just don't cut it in flavor and texture,

    big tip, it's is a really hard/chewy gummy. i know a lot of peoople who don't like it cause of the texture. whereas i normally dislike overly gummy stuff so it's perfect.

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    1. re: kelea

      I totally agree - I LOVE the extra hard/chewy gummy bears!

      1. re: kelea

        I completely agree about the hard and only Germany made Haribo. My boss brought me Hungarian made, imported into Baltimore Haribo and could not understand why they weren't the right Haribo. If you have anybody that travels internationally, have them pick you up a pack at the Duty free stores in European airports. It is something like a 1 kilo bag, usually sort of hard, and German made.

      2. I LOVE Haribo for the most part. The Twin Cherries and Peach rings are my favorites. I am not familiar with the flavors you listed though.

        1. I love the classic Haribo gummy bears (the white ones are my favorite) and will make myself sick on them. I haven't had them in years because they are like crack to me.

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            love love love haribo! I love the colorado mix-but it's different from classic gummy bears. it's sort of a mix of gummy concoctions, many of which are coconut and or licorice flavored, with a few gummy bears and other classic gummies mixed in. i love it and haven't seen it in the US at all-definitely not for everyone thought.

          2. The original comment has been removed