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Sep 12, 2007 09:35 PM

Slap yo' Mama!!!

Just got given some cajun seasoning of this fabulous title!!!

Any hints on how to use it??

Also got given some Cajun "hot Sauce" which is a vinegar base with 2 types of whole pepper/chili in it and a clove of garlic. On sampling, tho, there is nary a hint of heat.. tastes like onion vinegar to me.

Am I doing something wrong?? (like chugging it from the bottle)

I also got a packet of Souther Crawfish Boil, which I will post about as soon as I use it!!! (subbing marrons for crawfish, tho!!)

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  1. - I was just given some too. Plan to make some jambalaya, but haven't gotten around to looking for recipes.

    1. Funny, I just used some last night making my first fried calimari. I don't like to deep fry but I was in the mood when I saw the beautiful squid in the fish case. I used "slap yo Mama" in with the flour as my batter and it was fantastic - gave it a little zip.

      I love Slap ya Mama, have two packs in my cabinet. I've done peel n eat shrimp but sprinkle this on after for more awesome flavor (also some in the water). I've done bbq shrimp where you use this seasoning, worestershire sauce, butter, garlic, lemon juice, parley and bake it. - VERY YUMMY!!

      1. I got sent some Tony Chachere's, too, which made me sneeze madly when I sniffed it!!!

        After my last jambalaya disaster, I will be more careful when I make it next time.

        Anyone used the Crawfish boil???

        How "hot" is it??

        My daughter is having friends over next week, and I thought I might use it then, but not if it's blow your head off spicey!!!

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        1. I love Slap yo' Mama! (and Tony Chachere's, too) I use it like any other seasoning blend that I want to give a little south Loooooseeeana flavor to; salad dressings, soups, roast meats and veggies...

          The hot sauce sounds like something my grandpa used to make. The heat depended on the types of peppers he used but it was always a strong vinegary flavor. We loved it on black eyed peas and cornbread. It was also good with collard/mustard/turnip greens.

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          1. re: katwright

            Thanks Katey.

            I was a bit confused as it's called "Louisiana Hot Sauce" but it's not hot.

            I'm going to season some pork ribs with Slap yo Mama over the weekend, and thought I could do something with the hot sauce for dipping.

            Any hints??

            1. re: purple goddess

              Ooohh. I love pork ribs! If you have a bbq sauce recipe you like, replace some of the vinegar with the hot sauce or make a mustard vinaigrette using the hot sauce. You could also make a marinade or a basting sauce with it. I hope that helps.

          2. I put my cajun seasoning on popcorn. Deelishus!!