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Sep 12, 2007 09:00 PM

Best Twin Cities Mexican/Latin American Cuisine?

Ok, maybe there are really good places, it's hard when you're vegetarian!

I guess Lake Street... I just heard the Resource Center for the Americas closed down :'( I didn't see anything too appealing at Midtown Market when I was there a few months ago.

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  1. Are you looking for fancy or 'authentic' ?

    Yes, Lake & Chicago or Nicollet & Lake. We've been to quite a few & they always have something veg.

    Best place I know is La Mixteca in Bloomington which used to be Taco Morelos, there's old threads about it. It's not fancy at all, but the food is great (& cheap).

    Latin American, I think there's a ton. I can't recommend a fav b.c mostly I've had chicken or pork and such locals (chorizo is my meat weakness - otherwise eat pretty healthy)

    1. My brother got an excellent veggie burrito at Pineda Tacos on Lake. He didn't ask a lot of questions, like if the beans are veggie, but he said it was great. They are my favorite burrito place.

      Also, on Nicollet and 35th is El Pariso. My veggie neighbors are there a lot before they moved. I love the place. They have excellent seafood. For non veggies, I recommend the Red Snapper Vera Cruz, the Shrimp Fajitas, any of the cocktails or ceviches, and the seafood soup.

      1. I'm from the school that authentic beans and masa are made with lard, so unless your diet changes, these suggestions aren't terribly

        Lake Street:

        Taqueria La Hacienda - (lard in the masa, but so good and fresh) Love this place

        Gorditas el Gordo - My favorite. Fresh masa (w/ lard) that is hand pressed and hand fried by a two person team that makes everything on the menu. The orange salsa is paradise. The sopes and gorditas are the best in town.

        El Norteno - More Americanized but still outstanding. Lard in the beans.

        Central Ave:

        Chiapas & Adelitas - Both are owned by the same family. Typical non-Americanized Mexican. Great tacos mexicanos and camarones diablo.

        Puerto Veracruz - Our favorite mexican take-out. The roasted pork tamales are out of sight, though not on your menu unfortunately. Second best sopes in town.

        Sabor Latino - Ecuadoran, but you may have a better chance of finding food without animal in it. I like Sabor for their seafood dishes especially, so if you start eating sea animals, this is a terrific spot.

        We like Pancho Villa's food on Eat Street, but it is pretty Americanized and the atmosphere is like bizarro mexican circus with TV's playing blooper reels, fishbowl sized margaritas, and mariachis playing over the din of conversation. Imagine grown-up mexican chuck-e-cheese. Good tacos mexicanos though.

        Good luck finding your fave!

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          I love Pancho Villa's too. The grown-up mexican chuck-e-cheese is a great description. With a free drink on your birthday!!!