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Sep 12, 2007 08:38 PM

Vegan spots in Dade and Broward?

Will be down from NYC to Aventura area in about a month, and am following a low fat but v ery gourmet vegan way of eating for health reasons..are there any other notable places besides Sublime in Ft. Laud which I read about in previous posts? I grew up in Miami so I know all the areas well, and will travel if need be--want to have a few other options than just salads with no dressings on them...thanks for the help!

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    1. There's actually a Vegan-only restaurant in Miami (but it isn't gourmet) - Garden of Eatin'. I must say that it is tasty, healthy and really affordable as the small (which really isn't that small) lunch combo is $5 and the large one is $7! The only con is that it's in a very run down part of Little Haiti, but you can say that it has a lot of character - and roosters / chickens walking around it. :-) The guy that runs the place is a Haitian American from New York and he gets the ingredients fresh everyday.

      There are other places I've heard about but I haven't yet tried them out. But none of them are "gourmet" but they're definitely "different." There's several Latin-style Vegetarian restaurants around Miami too, with one being Prana and another being the Vegetarian Restaurant.

      And nearer to you, there's also a Kosher-Vegetarian restaurant that's also Vegan-friendly named Sara's. I liked that restaurant more than Here Comes The Sun which is also really close by (actually, only a few stores down).

      Another good option is the Essential Apothecary on Tamiami which is run by a Missoukee Indian shaman. But the food there is more simple home-style food that isn't really going to be stellar but it is worth it to stop by and check out their tea and other natural food and Amerindian offerings.

      Garden of Eatin
      136 NW 62nd St, Miami, FL 33150

      1. Though not totally vegan but serving some vegan dishes, "A" near the Design District on NE 4th Ave. is pretty good. It's run by a husband and wife team, it's BYOB and no corkage. It's not necessarily gourmet, but sometimes creative. Here's a description.

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          Since you're in Aventura - have lunch at Miami Juice 16210 Collins Ave


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            Just got back to NY, thanks for the suggestions, here's a short synopsis, of my trip---went off my Vegan diet a bit, as I am allowed to incorporate some protein, mainly fish or chicken breast, but stuck with fairly healthy low fat options...really missed my vegan creations though (thought I would never say that!)--food just seemed to taste so much heavier......

            -Returned to Scorch, North Miami dependable and good, prices fair, and portions good, --everybody happy with their food and service. Good scorch salad with shrimp, good seared tuna, others reported good salmon bites pasta, crabcakes---had a good house pinot grigio white-

            -Prezzo, Aventura, while I used to really enjoy the former Prezzo, a light airy ladies lunch hangout..the new more clubby atmosphere is kind of has been, and their menu is pretty boring and predictable..however, I did have a very fresh piece of salmon grilled with polenta crust on it, and a decent salad--fish was priced fine at $21, but my husband had the shrimp scampi which was $28 for 5 shrimp and while it was good, a nice garlicky tomato sauce with was overpriced and came with nothing. Others in our party had whole snapper, very small portion and nothing special, pastas were small and nothing special, and a warm lobster salad was $38 unbelievable, and a small portion...Tasted a bit of chocolate flourless torte--completely overcooked and dry...Had a good Australian white wine can't remember the name...

            -Barrio Latino, Waterways--for lunch--went to this place a few times before and it was great once and then awful another time, and this time, it was simply transcendent..couldn't have been any better. PERFECT grilled cuban chicken, juicy sweet maduros, and EXCELLENT and fresh house salad substituted for beans and rice..husband's Palmilla steak was great, and beans and rice perfect..lovely dense flan, even my 2 year old ate it! Great portion, and at $8 for the lunch special, this place is #1 on my list!! Nice to walk around there afterwards, or go into Sarah's tent and grab some Chocolate Chip mandel bread for someone you love. It is the best!

            -Julio's in Skylake Mall, NMB Miami Garden's Drive...well, let's put it this way, I ate lunch here 3x in 5 days!!! It's that good...the absolutely best grilled vegetable salad I have ever had...super fresh, cute airy atmosphere, and nice fast service. Good smoothies, and other drinks, and everything served looked great and tasted healthy....this is now my go to spot when I'm in town---checked out Juice and Java in the Promenade shops and it was kind of dark and crowded there, so we didn't go, but my friend say Julio's is better..although I think Juice and Java might be a bit less expensive...if someone's been to both maybe they can elaborate...Also checked out Miami Juice, thought their prices were high and it looked like a grocery store with zero atmosphere, and too small for a toddler to not be disruptive to others...good for 1 or 2 people but not a place you might linger for awhile like Julios--also, Julios looked ALOT cleaner, immaculate in fact, their bathrooms were spotless as well....Also checked out Bisseleh, cute looking place, but kind of average menu unless you're having bourekas or something pastry or fattening...their salads were kind of basic and pricey, and I'd prefer to go to Shalom Haifa for middle eastern stuff---good for their pastry specialities--but not great for lower fat options---can find similiar at much less prices---

            -Olivers, South Beach--EXCELLENT--have eaten here before and liked it but this time it was just steller. Great Pinot Grigio house wine, and superb Salmon with carrot dumplings---great torteliini with spicy shrimp, and great fresh mozzarell and grilled tomato salad, and dense good key lime tarte. Very reasonable priced and good portions. This place is not talked about on Chowhound as a real viable option for visitors and it should be highly reccomended, it's far less expensive than other options and the atmosphere is lovely. Our server was great, too which was good since our last visit there our server was not nice at all. (we saw mr nasty in the back and were glad we didn't get him,)

            -Il Migliore, Aventura Miami Gardens Drive--this place was reccomened on the board and it's a family favorite, but we thought it was so so. Fennel salad appetizer was very good with olives and oranges, but my salmon was overcooked and the sauce was a bit overwraught mustard vinagrette---and didn't sit well with me at all, if you know what I mean! Husband's mushroom pasta was greasy and nothing much----shrimp scampi stuffed crabmeat was okay--all the dishes for a party of 5 were not hot when served---this is always an immediate thumbs down for me--and banana bread pudding dessert that was raved about was nothing much---was expecting a more interesting diverse menu, but the dishes were a bit pedestrian and I would stick with better choices for Italian, Ragazzi being one of them that's not too far from Aventura.

            Curious what happened to Whole Foods sushi, it looked atrocious, and man oh man, what is up with the people that work there, very very nasty and unfriendly. Can't for the life of me figure out why people think NYorker's are not nice, we are super friendly and helpful (and this is coming from a born and bred Flordian, but having lived in NYC for over 25 years, I can say that the last few visits down there, we are finding lots of road rage and parking lot anger, and just general it the heat or what????? They're either super nice or super nasty--nothing in between--kind of like the food, either cheap eats or expensive, not alot in between!

            Oh well...we had lots of fun, thanks for the suggestions, nice chowhounders!!! If you come to Queens, I'll help you out!

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            FYI-A has been closed for several months

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              I thought they just had new owners?...

          3. Sardinia is not vegan but has a nice veggie selection in sobe.

            1. really yummy vegan pizza choices can be found @ pizza fusion in fort lauderdale. It is off Sunrise and has great stuff.