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Sep 12, 2007 08:37 PM

Battery operated pepper mill, thoughts? Reviews?

Hey All: I wanted to get people's reviews and views of battery operated pepper mills. I wanted to get one as a gift for my So who saw one with the light and the whole deal at a restaurant recently and flipped. Looking at the shopping sites they seem to have a wide range of prices from about 20 bucks to 100, it's hard to get a bead on what is the best and what's just hype. I know a lot of people love the magnum, but it's not battery operated. Anyone have some 411 or personal experience?


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    1. re: Chowtimore

      I bought two of the Gravitis at BB&B for $19.99 each and I had coupons too. i received one for Christmas and was underwhelmed until I began to use it. I had two good Peugeots, one for black and one for white. Now I grab the Graviti first. Saw something last weekend that said it can be used for a salt mill.

    2. If it is battery operated, it's hype. Get a big, sturdy Peugeot mill, which your SO will still have long after you're gone (or at your 25th anniversary).

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      1. re: Hungry Celeste

        If you have a problem with the Peugeot mills, you can get a pepper mill with a hand crank to make them turn with less effort. Penzeys sell them.

        Alton Brown modified a pepper mill to be powered by a cordless drill, but I think he was going for MacGyver-esque laughs.

      2. I agree with Celeste, unless you've got some kind of disability which prevents you from using a mechanical pepper mill, use a mechanical pepper mill. I like the grinding mechanism of a William Bounds mill.

        1. I had one, it's now hidden away somewhere. The Unicorn Magnum peppermill is the very best I have ever used. Very easy to fill, and to adjust the grind is easy, It is $45, and you will never need another one. The only downside is, that it only comes in black!! I think they make a small one too, but I love the big one.

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          1. re: Mother of four

            Agreed. A quarter turn and you get a lot of pepper from a Magnum. Somethings just don't need batteries.

          2. A restaurant was gauche enough to use a batter operated pepper mill? Yikes. Kinda like the time a new bartender at work brought in one of those screwtop corkscrews; we tried using it once and realized very quickly that some things are just better the old-fashioned way. The Unicorn Magnum comes very highly recommended from a great many people; I got the little one from IKEA for seven bucks and it does an absolutely splendid job of grinding things.


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            1. re: JK Grence the Cosmic Jester

              Maybe I misunderstood your post, but the peppermill from IKEA is not a Unicorn Magnum.

              1. re: Mother of four

                I should have said "I got a little grinder from IKEA for seven bucks". Hope that clears things up.

                1. re: JK Grence the Cosmic Jester

                  Thanks,I was about to say, "What a deal"!!!!! When I saw the picture I knew the deal went south!!!!