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Sep 12, 2007 08:14 PM


Hello, I am new in the city and am an Indian food lover. I live in the Evanston area but will venture as far as needed to find an awesome Thali.

All in all I am looking for an authentic Indian restuarant that not only satisfies my craving for curry but also soothes me with some sitar in the background.



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  1. Vermilion at 10 w. Hubbard serves traditional Thalis even though they are a latin/indian Fusion. When I worked there the items available were Daal Makhani, Channa Saag, Kus ka Gohst and a rotating chicken or fish dish, served with a little rice and papadum. the food there was realy quite tasty

    1. Head down to Devon Ave (around 2500 W. Devon, which shouldn't be more than a 10-15 minute drive from Evanston), which is ground center for one of North America's most vibrant Indo-Paki communities where you will find scores of Indian restaurants, grocers, saari tailors etc. For thali, you might try are Uru-Swati, Udupi Palace, Mysore Woodlands and/or Arya Bhavan, though there are numerous other places as well.

      1. I have been quite disappointed with Devon area restaurants especially Mysore Woodlands. Last Indian restaurant I enjoyed was Klay Oven, 414 N. Orleans. If you are looking for Indo-Pakistani non-veg fares, try Sabri Nehari (in Devon). They do have a location in the burbs as well - not sure of the exact address. Lastly, I have been meaning to try Chowpatti, 1035 S. Arlington Heights Rd, Arlington Heights for a while - I have heard good things.

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          Do not give up on Devon just yet as there are sooo many to choose from. I like Viceroy of India best. Ghandi is quite good too. I'll have to give Sabri Nehari a try.

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            I quite like the Thali at Mysore Woodlands and Ghandi, but my favorite is served at Shree in Wesmont (kind of a haul from Evanston). I would pass on Sabri Nehari, they don't have Thali, and for as much hype as they get on the 'Boards", I found the food (mostly meat offerings) to unplesantly greasy and turgid.

        2. i prefer udupi and arya bhavan on devon - you are so close!
          hands down, shree is the most authentic and delicious south indian in the area.

          1. thanks thanks. i have been reading about Bhabi's Kitchen and have seen some some differences of opinion concerning the place. waht do you guys say?

            also, which "hole in the wall" Indian spot would you reccomend as the best to take an adventurous date?


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              The Syed's are extremely nice people and the food at BK is very good. The selection of breads is much larger than most Devon Ave. joints. However, since BK was featured on "Check Please" the prices have more than doubled and reservations are needed on weekends. Try this place mid-week.