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Sep 12, 2007 07:51 PM

Chicago E European [Moved from Midwest]

We will be in Chicago staying downtown with no car. We are interested in having Yugoslavian, Polish, Latvian, or other eastern European food. We have lots of restaurant ideas, but none for those. We don''t want to spend an arm and a leg, and we don't want to travel inordinately to eat. Does anyone have any recs (including address and neighborhood/location)> We don't want to travel inordinately to eat.

Years ago I went to a Yugsolavian restaurant on the streetwhere Dillinger was shot, I think in Lincoln Park???? But it's a vague memory. I do remember having a fantastic Yugoslavian pear liqueur whose name escapes me. If anyone knows the liqueur or, better yet, the restaurant, please include that info in your post.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. For Polish:

      1549 W. Division St.

      You'll find more recommendations for Eastern European food in this topic:

      And you can search restaurant listings by type of food at Metromix, the Tribune's website: .

      Dilinger was shot in the alley next to the Biograph Theater on Lincoln Avenue just north of Fullerton. I'm not aware of a Yugoslavian (or Croatian or Serbian etc) restaurant there.

      1. Podhalanka has the advantage of being smack on the blue line, a couple of stops up from downtown. It's a very good value, but, note, decor is minimal.

        One downtown possibility is Sayat Nova. Both the menu and the country represented are arguably somewhere in the intersection of Eastern Europe and Central Asia, but if you want to try an Armenian restaurant, this old stand-by is nearby:

        1. Bosnian
          Cafe Effe
          2030 W Montrose Ave
          Chicago, IL 60618
          (773) 334-3436

          Balkan Restaurant
          2321 W. Lawrence Ave.

          Polish: There are quite a few excellent choices. Here are a couple. Reasonably priced too.
          Gilmart (the very best)
          5050 S Archer Ave
          Chicago, IL 60632
          (773) 585-5514

          5725 S. Archer

          Great buffet! You must check out the adjoining Polish grocery/butcher shop.

          Here is an interesting link:

          Chicago Latvian Community Center - 4146 N Elston Ave Chicago

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            Although amoncad's post is about 2 years old, I would like to comment on Healthy Food Lithuanian. Being in Chicago for 4 days we wanted to try food which is rare on the West Coast. Amoncada commented on Healthy Food Lithuanian and said he/she heard good things about it. We decided to give it a try and were very happy that we gave it a try.

            The place is not large and run by the owner who is a lovely friendly lady who I believe was born here so language is not a problem. I must admit that this was my first experience with Lithuanian cruisine so I am certainly not an expert on the food but we have traveled to many countries of Eastern Europe so I think I have a sense of the subject.

            I ordered the combination plate which came with blynai, kugalis, and koldunai. The meal comes with soup or coleslaw. I had the saurerkraut soup and my wife had the coleslaw. The soup was a pleasant surprise and reminded me more of cabbage than saurerkraut.

            The combination plate was great and the only problem was that the proportions were large. Even so I managed to eat it all while having a conversation with the owner about her travels to Lithuania and Russia.

            I would recommend this place to anyone who wants to try a different cruisine than usual.

            1. re: hungerpains

              And on Saturday morning they've got bacon buns! (and also those blinyis for breakfast--splurge: go w/ a fruit and fill it with cheese, otherwise they might seem a little bland).

              . . . and for dessert , if the five-fruit pie is coming out of the oven, order it. no matter how full you are. It's one of the bese pies in the Chicago area.

          2. There used to be a restaurant called Yugo Inn on Ashland at Diversey -- perhaps that's the place you remember. But it's been closed for years.

            I don't know of any Latvian restaurants here, but I am extremely fond of Healthy Food, a Lithuanian resturant on S. Halsted in Bridgeport. To get there you would have to take the Orange Line to Halsted, then a Halsted St bus south about 6(?) blocks.

            Healthy Food Lithuanian
            3236 S Halsted St, Chicago, IL 60608

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              I hear good things about Healthy Food Lithuanian.