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Sep 12, 2007 07:49 PM

where are the offbeat eating experiences?

Vaguely I remember hearing about some Italian social club that had a Friday night fish feed. And there are those people's homes that they have turned into "unofficial" restaurants.

Are there other offbeat dining experiences?

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  1. here are some exciting and unusual places to "dine"
    1. - - eating in an open field with all the food around you
    2. - - chef's table to the extreme
    3. - - party time

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    1. re: lauercrnsw

      Most of the pictures of the sushi at the restaurant linked above look beautiful. One, however, definitely looks like "2-2 much!" Is it the "interesting" plating that qualifies Sushi 2-2 Train as offbeat?

      Brought back memories of "Candle Salad" from my ancient Betty Crocker Cookbook.

    2. 2 that come to mind from your question for me that have been discussed on this board are:
      Elk's club dinner once a week
      Bar in North Beach that does a dinner once a week/month printed on a plate on the wall - Gianni Carlos is the name coming to mind but hopefully someone here will remember the thread I am talking about.

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      1. Italian American Social Club out in the Excelsior - i believe they are open thrusday and friday..

        1. I've heard of underground restaurants and there's a few in the Mission that's I'd like to try but never got the info or secret intro/handshake.

          There's also church bazaars type events, i.e., small, non-advertised, non-food fair, very local things, along the lines of Elk's clubs but more irregular. I think RW Orange wrote about some here.

          For me the real off-beat places are old school cafeterias (i.e., not google or the sort) and non-taco catering trucks.

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            speaking of, does anyone know if mamasan's in the mission is still open?