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Sep 12, 2007 07:34 PM

Looking for Beef Wellington

I want to take my boyfriend out for a very special dinner to thank him for helping me thorugh a rought time. He always drools over the beef wellington on Hell's Kitchen. Neither of us have ever had it. I can't seem to find a restaurant that serves it so thought I would ask here. Seattle, northend or eastside is fine.

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  1. you are having trouble finding a restaurant making this 50s icon because it is a terrible thing to do to a piece of good beef and some fine pate. perhaps if you speak with a local chef, he/she may be willing to make up a few orders in individual servings but using the whole tenderloin is designed for serving about 10 and the truffles for the sauce will exceed the cost of the beef. as you have never had this dish before, please rest assured that it is in no way as good as its publicity.

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      While I haven't tried the beef wellington specifically, I've had many other specialties at the British Pantry in Redmond so I would give them a whirl. They have a beef wellington on their menu Wednesday-Saturday after 5 pm. If anyone can make a wellington, these folks can I'm sure!

      My advice? Save some room for a sausage roll, too!..mmmmmm....sausage!

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        beef wellington, properly prepared, is a wonderful dish. Trouble is, most restaurants probably do not have sufficient skill in the kitchen, nor do they want to invest the time to prepare this tasty feast.

      2. This probably isn't at all what you are interested in but just a general FYI Cafe Flora, the vegetarian restaurant, serves a really tasty Portobello Mushroom Wellington.

        1. I've never seen it on a menu in Seattle that I can remember...but it's not that difficult to make at SO makes individual beef wellingtons a couple times a year and we keep extras in the freezer to cook for special occaisions (we use bleu cheese & spinach rather than pate). Don't skimp on the ingredients. Good luck! I don't have my SO's recipe, but maybe try this one: