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Sep 12, 2007 07:28 PM

Er gou tou (white liquor) in Durham area?

I was wondering if any one knew where to find er gou tou or mou tai in the durham area... I have some friends visiting, and apparently this is one of their favorite drinks, god knows why, lol. For those who dont know, its distilled chinese liquor that is 56% alcohol. Yikes! Thanks in advance!

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  1. Oh man, I had that at a big Chinese meal and celebration back in California many years ago. The memory lingers like a bad root canal. It is distilled from sorghum and the smell when you open the bottle is enough to knock you back. Taking a shot of the stuff is like downing a mildly diluted cup of hydrochloric acid. But amazingly, shortly after the first shot or two, you find that you stop noticing the taste and the smell. Then you stop noticing most everything else around you. And in the morning, you notice you can't find your car. Or your pants.

    Have fun! I have my doubts about any ABC stores in North Carolina stocking this stuff, but you might get an authentic Chinese restaurant (especially one that handles parties and celebrations) to sell you a bottle on the sly.

    1. The odds of finding it sitting on a shelf are low (non-existent?) but that, fortunately, doesn't mean that you're out of luck. I've been looking into getting a few things that they don't carry and have learned the following:

      1) ask at your friendly local ABC. The folks at the one off of 15-501 in CH (by Whole Foods) have told me they can get many things one might want. The more you know about what you're looking for, the more they'll be able to help (brand, US distributer, etc.)

      2) if that fails, there seems to be a special provision in the ABC law that allows one to special order limited quantities of bottles that are off list. Downside: it may take some time and you may have to buy a case (both not quite clear in practice), link to reg is . For a list of what others have ordered: (hilarious read


      3) I've been told but haven't been able to confirm that certain major internet liquor stores have been certified to ship spirituous liquors into the state. If you can find it for sale online, contact the vendor's customer service and they should know. The store I've been working with doesn't sell it.

      4) drive?

      good luck.

      1. I've seen Koreans drinking a mysterious liquor from special "teapots" at Vit Goal. I imagine it's similar stuff, if not the actual Mao Tai (high end). I'm guessing it's some sort of Bai Jiu (White liquor). I never had it after I left China - it's wicked stuff. I'll take a nice, smooth vodka any day! Objectively speaking, the stuff is vile, but I suppose it's all about what flavors remind you of home.

        1. yea, i knew my chances were slim... i will definitely go to that ABC and see what they can do... thanks !

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            It might be worth it to go to your favorite asian market and ask around. If they can't sell it chances are they will know how to get some.

          2. I am going to be in the atlanta area next week. I'd imagine a few stores sell it there since atlanta has a bigger asian population, right?