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Sep 12, 2007 07:26 PM

Sedona Overview, Please

We'll be spending several nights in Sedona, and we're looking for places for dinner. Usually, I find discussions on the board that compare most of the usual suspects in a city, but for Sedona all that I find are lots of references to someone liking/not liking a particular place as they passed through town.

So, how do the following compare: Cowboy Club, El Portal Sedona, Yavapai, Cafe Elote, Dahl&DeLuca, Restaurant on Oak Creek? Any others that I'm missing?

We prefer restaurants that give a sense of place and an experience that we won't find back home (in Washington, DC). In classic foodie fashion, the meal matters much more than the ambiance. Price doesn't matter, but let us know if it will exceed $150pp.

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  1. Hi Esuper,

    My hubby and I will be in Sedona this weekend and are having dinner at Cafe Elote, and lunch at Cowboy Club will be reporting back. When is your trip?

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      We leave in two weeks, so your advice will be helpful.

    2. Though I have had great meals and service at La'berge de Sedona, others have recently reported less than stellar meal. Likewise for Restaurant René in Telaquepaque [too lazy to check the exact spelling]. Have not tried Cowboy Club, or El Portal Sedona. Sorry.


      1. Elote is our new favorite. Two other suggestions are Garland's Lodge in Oak Creek Canyon - call in advance to see if they can seat people who aren't guests when you'll be in Sedona. Also, the restaurant at the Amara resort offers a nice prix fixe ($25) four course sunset dinner on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. The best deal in town and consistently interesting and good.