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Sep 12, 2007 07:06 PM

What do CHers consider GOOD service


As I read threw the boards(as I so love to do...a recent addict) I see so many comments on service, and often I disagree.

I went to rendezvous in Cambridge because I heard the service was great. I was pretty disappointed. Our server was pretty bad. Half glasses of wine, marrying two bottles of wine, non attentive. Just generally disappointed.

I was wondering what is good service in a CHers mind. What are you looking for?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. For me the keys are appropriate and competent with a preference for understated rather then grand. Appropriate and competent are both contextual but applies to a greasy spoon as well as a 5-star place and everything in between.

      In a greasy spoon, appropriate is fast and polite (not mean but no smiles needed...although it doesn't hurt) and competent is getting the order right.

      In a 5-star appropriate means smoothness, ease, pacing and a lack of weirdness or awkwardness and understanding what is being served. Competent is getting all these elements right and getting the order right.

      Understated is not making a big deal out of thing but still gracious but that's personal.

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        I agree with all the points that ML8000 points out, as well as the not being continually pestered with the "is everything okay" questions. If a waiter keeps an eye on the table- I assure you that if something's wrong I'm ready for making eye contact to summon them over, and that should be a seamless process also. There's a delicate line between care and hovering, and a good waiter knows it.

        I also do not need to know the waiter's name. It shouldn't be necessary.

      2. Directing me to the most delicious stuff from the kitchen.

        1. Honestly, just get my order right, bring me a refill and some extra napkins. No need to check on me, just walk near my table frequently in case I have a request. Do this and you're getting 25%.

          1. a polite and efficient host/hostess who sets my expectations appropriately as to when i will be seated, i do not blame the restaurant, server or host if i have to wait for an extended period of time. this is my own fault, i should have made reservations. i like a server who allows me to order everything at once if i have somewhere to go, or lets me linger and talk if i desire. and a server who makes suggestions for what to order, always give my condiments and silverware. thats about all i can think of.....oh and i tip 10% for bad service...and it goes up to 25 for really good. i also leave a thank you not on the bill if the service is great.