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Mar 3, 2006 02:24 PM

Foster City Indian food

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There was some earlier discussion about a place opening us. From what I recall, the original restaurant was out in Milpitas. Anyone know what I'm talking about?


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  1. I thought something happened that they won't be heading down to Foster City, but the restaurant is:

    Tirupathi Bhimas
    1208 S. Abel St, Milpitas 95035

    one of Melanie's favorites. Haven't seen any report from her yet on it though.

    From my one experience I thought the masala dosa I tried was good, but not worth the drive.


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      Yes, that's it. I just called the Milpitas branch and they confirmed that it fell through and won't be coming to FC. What a shame.

    2. There is a new southern indian place that opened up two months ago on Shell Blvd. called Tabla Flavors. Everything I've tried there is delicious. It's one of the few indian places on the peninsula where they serve dosa's. It's inexpensive and the service is decent.

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        Thanks for reporting this. According to the website, there's one in Dublin too.

        I started a new thread here to discuss Tabla Flavors -

        1. re: Melanie Wong

          add link

          New Tabla
          1088 Shell Blvd, Foster City, CA 94404

      2. Yes I saw this place open the other day but we were headed to Toshi's for Japanese. It was full. Everyone or almost everyone there looked to be Indian. Many looked to be from Southern India. And it smelled great. Any reports anyone? I use this board to convince my colleagues to try new places:). BTW, we LOVED Shalizaar for Persian in San Mateo on 25th although a little over our lunchtime budget.

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        1. re: LPCagain

          It's good to hear there are finally some decent Indian options in the mid-Peninsula area besides Annapoorna.

          So glad to hear you loved Shalizaar! What did you order?

        2. At Shalizaar we had (I can't remember the names only the descriptions)beef stew with spinach - really nice tangy sauce and tender beef, grilled shrimps - not the greatest, kind of ordinary for the cost - koubadeh - DELICIOUS! ground beef on skewers, and probably the best, braised chicken - falling off the bone in rice....

          And loved the free flatbread and fresh herbs and feta to start.