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Sep 12, 2007 06:21 PM

Who loves Trader Joes?

To all the Cali locals, I am a huge trader joe's fan. Yummy products, reasonable prices. They are always coming up with new and innovative products? Any yummy items that are your favorite? Share and post them here.....

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  1. Hi -- I grew up with TJs too and am so happy to be living near it again. Here are some recent threads on TJs (just some of many more, as far as I can tell). Some of these are really long:

    (edited per Cathy's comment, quite right, it was just a stray thought -- but not sure why you looked here in the first place if you're sick of TJ threads ;)

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      1. I indeed love Trader Joes. It is everything that Whole Foods tries to be but it is so much better its ridiculous. quality, service, selection, price, everything.

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          TJ produce sucks!!!!! I wish they would let me pick my individual pieces of fruit and veggies instead of selling me a pack in which half are rotten