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Sep 12, 2007 06:11 PM

West Plano - casual lunch spots

I work in West Plano and am looking for some hidden gems for lunch, especially Mexican - gas station tacos more than welcome. I don't want to eat at the chain upscale places like Mi Cocina. There are just so many strip malls in the area, I feel like I could easily be overlooking something special. I have Chinese pretty well covered with 369 and 1st Chinese Barbecue and plan on checking out the other places recommended by donnaaries. And I've hit most of the Italian places in the area. Boundaries would be approximately Park, Coit, Midway, Warren.

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  1. I would suggest Roma's Italian on Spring Creek & 75 NW Corner. It's a little outside your area, but pretty darn good lunch specials.

    We go to Szechuanese on a regular basis. Just order the dumplings what a great value.

    Decent Mexican is going to be a little out of your range again. Either on 15th just East of 75 or of course across the street from Plano City hall on 5. Of course Fadis in Frisco is always a good lunch.

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    1. re: irodguy

      I also work in west Plano and man, an affordable nonchain plate that is tasty is hard to come by. Here's a few in addition to First Chinese and Sichuanese:

      Snuffer's (local chains don't count?) for a burger
      Korean Garden (inside May Hua complex, Coit & Park)
      Sushi Place (next to Korean Garden) - I don't like the sushi here (plus it's kind of scary ordering sushi from a mall food court type joint) but the noodle dishes (udon, ramen) and the beef don bowl are good (and cheap!)

      Seriously, even just a Google Map search on Mexican restaurants within those boundaries turns up no promising candidates. If anyone knows any place that fits hobbes404's description, I would love to know as well!

      1. re: donnaaries

        Yep would agree that Korean Garden is reasonably good, but in my opinion more cold weather food.

        Snuffers burgers are just to much Grease bombs. Personally Scotty Ps or Mooyah's burgers are much better.

        Of course there is also Fred's burgers, and Seabreeze on Preston & Spring Creek. These will both be $10 or so for lunch.

        1. re: irodguy

          Last time we did Snuffers, they were so salty, they were inedible..Agree with Mooyah's

          1. re: jinet12

            Yep the last two times I ate at Snuffers, I spent that night and a good portion of the next day in the little boys room. I just won't go back.

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      1. irodguy, you forgot about Shandiz--Parker & Coit

        The appetizers are better at King Kabob (Spring Creek & Coit), but their kabob is horrible IMO.

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        1. re: kuidaore

          For pizza in the West Plano area, I recommend Joe's Pizza at Parker and the Tollway. Also, I tend to enjoy Noodle Ave. near Park and the Tollway. In the same area, there is Moo Ya (sp?) which has been discussed on the board before and I find it very good.

          1. re: kuidaore

            Yep also forgot Ocean's seafood on Coit just north of Spring Creek on the NE side. Basically this is the newest incarnation of Yoli's. I personally like Seabreeze better, but MS. Picky is a solid oceans devotee.

            1. re: irodguy

              Agree that Snuffer's is really greasy. And I probably eat it more than I should :)

              Mooyah is decent but the crowd is very teenie-bopper heavy (thus loud loud loud), particularly during weekday lunches.

              And Noodles Ave? I actually go here a lot but I'm always hesitant to recommend it. Here's the thing, I've tried various items off of the menu and there are only a couple of items that are good (but the ones that are good are quite exceptional). Pad see ew (with broccoli and chicken) is really excellent and Singapore street noodles is an entertaining dish. Other than that, lots of other dishes tend to be overcrowded with filler veggies (pad kee mow with cabbage? udon noodles in soup with carrots and cabbage?) and the Pad Thai is just plain bad, too sweet (even Pei Wei has a better version, right across the street). Anything with BBQ pork is horrendous. So yeah, it's a mixed recommendation depending on what you order. I keep going back trying to find other good dishes on the menu but most of what I try is pretty disappointing with the exception of the two aforementioned dishes (but that pad see ew is addictive!)

          2. Mango Thai at Park and Ohio is great.

            For Mexican-I have read great reviews about this place in Frisco-not sure if it is too far for you. I haven't tried it yet:

            Tacos Plus
            6890 W. Main St
            Frisco, TX 75034

            I believe there is also a new Mexican Restaurant at Coit and Park, not sure the name of it is any good.

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            1. re: foodie06

              Drove past the new Mexican restaurant today. It doesn't look open yet, but it's going to be an Ojeda's. There's one right down the street from my house, so I'm not too excited about it.

            2. Don Miguel's in McKinney [I think on University] is good Mexican, quite small, very family, good food.
              When I'm in McKinney I practically live at the Texas Road House just as you come into McKinney. Dependable, good stuff, easy noisy atmosphere.

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              1. re: dragonfare

                You mean San Miguel? Yea that place is alright, they have cold Negro Modelo too. More Tex-Mex than Mexican iirc, haven't been in years. Long way from west Plano though.

                1. re: luniz

                  Thanks for all the suggestions, should keep me busy for a little while. I've tried Mooyah, and it's pretty busy on top of the drive time, but I do like their burgers, still deciding on the fries. I'll look for the Mexican place on Coit and Park and keep my eyes peeled for gas station tacos. Really like pad see ew, so will definitely try Noodles Ave. That's probably the exact type of place I'd have bypassed.

                  I really wanted to like Marco Pollo, but the chicken was dry, will give it another shot, but don't have high hopes. Charo Chicken is on my radar next.

                  1. re: hobbes404

                    Yep Charo Chicken is pretty good, but it's really hard to beat the smoked chicken at Whole foods.