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Sep 12, 2007 06:01 PM

Real farmers market in San Antonio?

I recently moved to San Antonio and am having trouble finding a decent farmers market. I found a list on the sa express site:

and tried one of the listings, Artisans Alley, but there was only one table set up with a few boxes of tomatoes. Are they all like that? The list in the link above is very long and I don't know that I have the patience to try them all to hopefully find the 'big' one in town.

I live fairly central so location doesn't matter too much but I need one open on weekends. Good variety of produce, microgreens, herbs, meats, eggs with some artisan food makers is preferred.


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  1. San Antonio, really, does no one go to farmers markets around here? Can someone help me out for a Saturday morning shopping trip?

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      There is not much in SA and it is frustrating. The best one I found is one jackson keller between mcCullough and San Pedro just north of basse road. Just vegtable there though and sometimes flowers.

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        Hi, santone. Try the one on Saturdays at Millberger's Nursery on 1604 @ O'Conner Rd. It's way in the back of the plants, trees, etc. The produce is outstanding. Last time I went I got fresh dewberries, strawberries, and some great cukes and tomatoes.

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          San Antonio has pushed it farmer's markets back to the farm. The Market square downtown pushed fresh produce out years ago...the "Plaza" was an area where loal growers used to come sell there goods. For farmers to compete with local produce porveyors live the Acevedos, Fernadez and Chico Bros is hard, so farmers either sell directly to to these or straight to the Supermarkets.

          Even the larger farms like Van de Walle and others are selling their farms close to San Antonio and moving out further.

          The growong season is very short and the heat prevents the plethora of foods and flowers you would find in the California Valley.

      2. If you haven't tried this, here's the Texas Ag Department listing for the area:

        The Texas Department of Agriculture regional office in San Antonio is:

        South Central Texas Regional Office
        8918 Tesoro Drive, Suite 120
        San Antonio, TX 78217
        Phone: (210) 820-0288

        The office has a great outreach program and can probably answer specific questions about which markets offer what types of goods.

        My mom rattled off a couple places:

        St Leonard's on Zarzamora (Mondays
        )Adelitas Tamales on Fresno, between San Pedro and I10 (Mondays?)
        Olmos Basin, Jackson-Keller/McCullough (Tuesdays/Saturdays)
        Touduze (sp) Market on Buena Vista, just west of downtown.

        Good luck finding the kind of markets I encountered while living in Europe and Asia (where the expectation of fresh meat/poultry/veggies is a way of life). I look forward to reading about your search for SA's best markets.

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          Thanks for the help from you few SA vegetable eaters out there. I think I am going to scout out the one on Jackson Keller this weekend and will report back.

          1. re: sanantone

            The one near Basse and McCullough (Olmos Basin, Jackson-Keller/McCullough (Tuesdays/Saturdays) is my favorite thus far.
            It's not big by any means (10 -15 stands), but the vendors are friendly and usually carry good produce for a reasonable cost.
            They are open Tuesday's and Saturday's usually in the morning.
            The recent rains have really hurt a lot of crops so that may be the reason why the other was a bit empty.

        2. Alright chowhounders, I have a trip report from the farmers market on Jackson Keller. We arrived at around 9am to a fairly full parking lot and a selection of about 10 different vendors. We first surveyed the booths to see what everyone had to offer and then went booth by booth to talk with the owners and pick out our produce. For the most part, everyone sold their own produce with the exception of the stray peach or watermelon shipped in from a few counties away. Not much in the way of organic but plenty of locally farmed stuff.

          We walked away with sweet potatoes, big juicy red and yellow tear drop tomatoes, pickling cucumbers and some okra. The sweet potatoes were sliced and baked with salt pepper and olive oil this evening. The red tomatoes found their way to my plate drizzled with balsamic vinegar and some 'top shelf' olive oil. Mmm good.

          I would say the selection, quality and location of the farmers market will get me to return. I read about one near 281 and Jones Maltsberger in a Wal-mart parking lot but I am going to have to boycott that one on principle and irony.

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            Thanks for the update. That you commented on the 'selection and quality' makes me want to get out of bed early to pick up some tomatoes from our local growers.

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              Is there food stands at the farmers markets along with the produce stands? Like ones that sell fresh tamales or bbq or kettle korn?

          2. The original comment has been removed
            1. Well, I'll agree that there really isn't a good farmer's market here. I've gotten some good produce at the one on I-10 at Boerne Stage Road (in Leon Springs). Tomatoes, squash, strawberrries... Recently there was a whole grain artisan bakery with a booth there (they were from San Marcos?). The market is only open on Saturday mornings and is in the parking lot in front of the WashTub car wash. Last year Barkley's near Boerne also had a Saturday farmers market with local produce, but haven't heard if they've started it back up this year or not. Anyway, check out the Leon Springs market if you're up this way...

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                We stopped by the Leon Springs market this morning.
                It was very disappointing. There were four vendors on display at 8:30 AM.
                Two had vegetables and fruit, one had scraggly plants, and one vendor has
                hand made shopping bags.
                The only decent veggies were tomato, some squash, and cucumber.
                Watermelon was abundant, but zero any other melons, nor peaches. Hill Country peaches are coming in right now, and they're tasty this year. The vendor didn't want to
                travel 15 miles to get peaches, but he had eight different touristy peach relishes, and preserves.
                Don't waste your time at this Farmer's Market.