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Sep 12, 2007 05:51 PM

Surprise Day in Napa...HELP

My fiance and I have been planning a trip to San Fran for quite some time. Just today, he got a surprise day off work Friday and we decided to spend Friday - Saturday afternoon in Napa.

There are so many threads on what to do and where to eat in the wine country, I feel overwhelmed. I have poured through them and here is our plan for food...

On Friday afternoon we will hit Taylor's Refresher for lunch at 1PM...We then have a 9PM reservation at Bouchon for dinner.

HELP #1 - where to go for Breakfast Saturday morning (we are staying in Napa) ... en route to Copia.

HELP #2 - Selecting one or two wineries to visit after our Friday lunch at Taylor's refresher... Of most importance is picking one that will be beautiful and scenic and not an hour's drive in the wrong direction...for I gather Sonoma and Healdsburg and Napa are quite spread out. I love sparkling...but we basically are open to any kind of winery...

Truly appreciate any suggestions!

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  1. You are driving from St. Helena to Yountville so I would say to hit St. Helena wineries....
    Millat is not scenic, but I love their Zinfandel. Maybe you could head to Darioush (not sure on that spelling), Peju also has pretty gardens.

    1. Best breakfast in Napa Valley is at Gordon's in Yountville. If you're staying in Napa, it's definitely not on the way to Copia, but only a 10 min drive from Napa and worth it.

      1. I just had dinner at ubuntu on Main at Pearl in Napa. Tomorrow they are opening for breakfast service and I'd suggest you give them a try. Gordon's in Yountville is closed. As for tasting, head up to Schramsburg on HWY 29 just south of Calistoga which is 9 miles north of St. Helena.

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          Too bad about Gordon's. Had been awhile since I had been there and didn't know they closed. Don't know about Ubuntu's breakfast menu but have heard good things about Boon Fly Cafe's weekend breakfast/brunch menu. It's located at the new Carneros Inn just outsie Napa.


        2. Here's my post on the eggs benny at ABC in downtown Napa,

          Alexis Baking Co
          1517 3rd St, Napa, CA 94559

          1. Problem is, scenic always seems juxtaposed to quality :(

            It is pricy, but the tour at Del Dotto is quite nice. Plumpjack is pretty pretty. Very good wines, too, although they are quite expensive. (Full disclosure - I am friends with Tony Biagi, the winemaker.)