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Sep 12, 2007 05:20 PM

Quick Review of Kahoo and Hoshi

Went to Kahoo and Hoshi this week for lunch. Here's a quick review:

Hoshi- the location is offbeat - next door to Lucky Supermarket. After entering, I was impressed. For lunch, the menu is mostly standard lunch faire with daily special offerings. I had the Katsu Curry which came with additional sauce on the side. The curry sauce is very tasty - very mild though. The serving is small, I think the tonkatsu is about 4-5 oz, maybe. The rice is tender and springy. I asked about ordering some of the items they have for dinner but was told that it would take too long. It's an unusal izakaya where there is actually a serious looking sushi bar. Will definetely go back for lunch and dinner

Kahoo- The first taste of shio ramen was very satisfying. A light broth with onion, ni-tamago, stewed pork (chunks, not sliced chashu), and scattering of stewed bambooshoot. The first few tastes was very nice, but after a while, I thought the noodle was not as chewy as I like and I didn't like the long lasting aftertaste. I also had the spicy fried chicken - boneless, with a nice and crunky breading and a spicy mayo like sauce. I still prefer Halu Ramen - which to my disappointment isn't open for lunch on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday!

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  1. Do you prefer Halu for the chicken or both ramen and chiken?

    I think this is the first Hoshi report

    Previous Kahoo posts

    Kahoo Ramen
    4330 Moorpark Ave, San Jose, CA 95129

    246 Saratoga Ave, Santa Clara, CA 95050

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      I prefer Halu's Ramen. Never had chicken at Halu.

      1. re: wendy

        Don't believe Halu serves kara age unless that's changed in recent months.