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Sep 12, 2007 05:03 PM

Janet's Donuts Concord NH

I know this place is long gone:( but does anyone have any of their recipies? I'm in the mood to try some donut recipies and I have such good memories from this place!

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  1. I grew up right around the corner on Morton Street. I could smell those West Street donuts starting at 3AM. I have been told that they opened up that early for the police officers. Once they were sold out about 11AM the day was over. They were the best donuts in the world. The day they were put out of business after 47 years (thanks to DD) was a very sad day. I ordered 2 dozen and I can still smell and taste them. Most will not remember but they also had cakes to order. Chocolate Covered and Plain lightly toasted were the best. Great childhood memories. Bill Diversi

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      I know this is an old post but I just wanted to let the curious know that my grandfather Joe Bisson was the last owner of Janet's donuts and the man waking up in the wee hours of the morning recently passed away last week. It's great to hear that even in 2010 people were still talking about his families donut shop and I'll forever carry memories of my own at Janet's Donuts.

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        So sorry to hear about your grandfathers passing! Your family and the donuts will not soon be forgotten, thanks for passing along the news, and again, my sympathies to you and your family.

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          Sorry to hear about your grandfather.

          Janet's Donuts still comes up in discussion from many fond fans on the Facebook page entitled "I grew up in Concord, NH and I remember when..." (or some similar name).

          I know a few people who grew up/lived near there and THEY STILL talk about Janet's.

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            I'm so sorry to hear of your grandfather's passing. When I was young occasionally I went to work with my Mom and we'd stop at Janet's about 6:30AM and the great man frying doughnut holes would hand me one fresh out of the fryer! What a fabulous treat.
            My family has a long history with Janet's, as my Mom had a beauty salon just down the street. Mom always bought "Scotty rolls" for Christmas morning, and my wedding cake was made by Janet's. The chocolate was so rich and moist! If you find the Scotty roll recipe, I'd love to have it, I've tried other rolls, but none compare.

        2. I to remember janets and the smell and was looking for anyone whom might have there fig bar recipie. one of my best childhood memories. going there every friday with my mom.for fig bars and plain chocolate covered doughnuts. simple thing make us happy
          if anyone knows of their fig bar recipie can you please reply.

          diane jeannotte

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            Diane I will check with members of my family to see if the recipe is hiding anywhere as we are in the process of sorting all of the belongings out.

          2. Stumbled across this and, I, too, have the fondest memories of Janet's donuts. When I was visiting my grandparents as a child, Grampa would always be up early and headed to Janet's to bring home donuts. Hands-down, they were the best donuts I ever had!!! We were devastated when it closed! In fact my uncle picked up some for my grandmother when she was ill and near death... she managed to eat those donuts though!!!