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Sep 12, 2007 03:49 PM

Anyone been to Polash (Indian)?

Scouting for a source of good, inexpensive North Indian/Paki/Bangla food in the vicinity of the UES, I took a chance on Polash based on favorable reviews on (yes, I know that's a potentially risky proposition - I often wonder how often the owners or employees are the ones writing the positive reviews). I was surprised to find after a couple of visits that the food there is actually very good. I say 'actually' because one might not expect to find very good Indian food in Spanish Harlem.

The restaurant was almost empty on both of my visits, except for diners at a single table each time, and the rest of the block does not appear very inviting from the outside. But the service was excellent and the food will bring me back. (The meat samosas alone are probably the best I remember ever having had in Manhattan.) It's not gourmet, but tasty nonetheless.

Has anyone else been there?

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