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Sep 12, 2007 03:48 PM

Oak Park Berwyn ethnic?

Any suggestions for dinner in the general area?

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    1. re: nsxtasy

      "Ethnic" in the general area?
      Amarinds on North Avenue.

      La Piazza in Forest Park

      Yucatanian(sp?) (Mexico regional)
      Xni-Pec in Cicero

    2. Our all-time favorite.... Yum Thai on Madison in Forest Park. Great food, good portions, friendly service, BYOB - what more could one ask for!!

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      1. re: wineaux

        Wineaux - I am a regular at Yum Thai out of convenience. Do you have any recs I should try? Generally, none of the food I have had there has been anything more than 'ok.' I usually get a green or Penang curry (hold the extra sugar, extra spicy)
        Tofu Pad Thai / or a Lard Nar
        and then an appetizer (whatever sounds good at the time)
        I haven't ordered anything from the 'secret' menu as of yet.
        When I want what I consider better thai food (for the area,) I head up to Amarind's. What does Yum Thai do well that I am missing? I would love to find some great stuff there, since it is right on my way home from my gym.

      2. a disrecommendation - just so that you don't make the same mistake I did -- was Meditteranean 'Grape Leaves'.

        1. i am always sorely disappointed with all the restaurant options in oak park.
          la quebrada on roosevelt in cicero is yummy, but very casual.