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Sep 12, 2007 03:39 PM

Nice restaurant near Hawk Mountain?

Hi, all! The last time my husband and I went to Hawk Mountain, we had a devil of a time finding anyplace to eat, and ended up eating at some greasy spoon whose name is mercifully lost in the mists of time. This time, I want to plan in advance, and try to go armed with a few places in the area, and/or along the way.

What we'd like: good food, preferably healthy or organic (but it doesn't have to be), nice ambience (doesn't have to be fancy, but clean and friendly is a must).

What we don't want: fast food, places that serve practically all meat or all shellfish (i.e. no restaurants with "Crab Shack" in their name -- I'm allergic to shellfish!), Pennsylvania Dutch-style cooking (too many carbs, too much meat), places that allow smoking.

It doesn't _seem_ like too crazy a list to be able to fulfill, but we had so much trouble finding _anyplace_ to eat last time, so I won't hold my breath. :-)

Thanks very much in advance for all replies!


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  1. The nicest place you're going to find in the area is the Greystone, which is about 1/2hr away in Pottsville. FYI they are closed on Sundays. I haven't been yet, but have heard all good things. My husband grew up in the area and says that it's known to be the best restaurant around.

    Other than that, you're going to have issues unfortunately... the next best thing, which is closer, right on 61 is a place called Roma. It's just standard Italian pasta/pizza, nothing gourmet about it whatsoever. But it is one of the better ones in the area and is always busy. Good for baked pasta dishes and the like. Cheap and huge portions... definitely not healthy or organic. Unless you do the Greystone, don't expect healthy in that area unless you're really into iceberg lettuce salads ;)

    I wish I could recommend more to you, but unfortunately that is probably literally it...

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      Thanks, missfunkysoul. Unfortunately, I _am_ going on Sunday, so I won't even get to see what can be had at the Greystone. I guess we'll be packing a lunch from Whole Foods, and maybe we can manage to swing by the Glasbern Inn (which I've heard great things about) for dinner on the way home...

    2. Last summer on the way to Hawk Mountain, my wife and I stumbled across the Virginville Hotel on Rt. 143, Virginville, a few miles south of I-78. It was a nice lunch but it was a weekday. Don't know about Sundays. We would describe it as quite good for the area. We would stop there again. (Definitely not a greasy spoon.)