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Sep 12, 2007 03:36 PM

Good Persian in San Diego?

I've tried Bandar and found it to be almost entirely unauthentic plus I've tried a couple of now defunct Persian places years ago but they all seemed to be a mix of French and Arab food with just the odd actual Persian recipe thrown in. The front page here at ChowHound got me thinking about Persian cuisine and now I'm hoping someone can recommend an actual authentic Persian place with top notch food in the San Diego area. One thing is sure and that is Bandar is not it.

I did look up some Persian places on the internet and found this:

Does anyone have an experience with any of those restaurants?

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  1. From the "where to eat" link, I do like Alborz. Have been there quite a few times for lunch.
    Very fresh, large portions.

    Tiny (5 tables and 5 barstools) husband/wife run Persian is International Market and Grill in UTC area. I like it there also.

    1. What about Bandar did you find inauthentic (other than the hummus, which I ignore)? Although it can't compete with places in LA, my native Persian mother-in-law and husband think it's decent. (Then again, I've never seen my in-laws order anything at a Persian restaurant except for kabob, rice, kashk-e bademjan, and tahdig. They eat khoresht at home.) The kabob at Bandar is incredibly juicy in my experience, but I don't think I've eaten there for at least a year.

      I second the recommendation for International Market & Grill. They have kabob plates and sandwiches, and a daily special (khoresht, tahcheen, etc.). You also might try the Balboa International Market on Balboa or Parsian on Convoy.

      Many people like Soltan Banoo, but it really wasn't my thing. I ordered the kotlet, and the adas polo on the side was mushy and unappetizing. The kotlet didn't have much flavor, either.

      Some people love Sadaf, but I think it's only okay. We used to get takeout from the one in La Jolla, but decided that takeout from Balboa International Market was cheaper and better.

      1. I was turned on to Bandar by Persian co-workers. I'd be curious to know what's inauthentic about it.

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          I like Bandar as well. I'm not exactly an expert on Persian food so I can't comment about its authenticity, but I've eaten at a few Persian places in the Westwood area (which I assume are probably pretty authentic considering the middle eastern population in that area) and the food was pretty much the same type of stuff.

          The one negative thing I have to say about Bandar is that their bread isn't freshly made on the premise like some of the other places I've been to.

        2. There is a great little persian market in La Jolla right around the corner from El Pescador

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            do you know the name of the persian market next to El Pescador?

          2. Dario's in Carlsbad is quite tasty.

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              I just recently ate at Darios again. This mom/pop eatery is very pleasant and the food is reliably delicious. I had a barley chicken soup to die for there the other night and their kebabs tender and tasty. They sometimes have a selection of rice (dill/barberry/saffron) and the hummus is completely wonderful!