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Sep 12, 2007 02:53 PM

Good Pho in DC?

We just moved to Cleveland Park and we've yet to find many places for Pho! We tried Nam-Viet, but we were really disappointed with it. Anybody have any suggestions? Thanks!

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  1. I've only had a taste of someone else's pho at Nam Viet. I thought it was good, but that was the Clarendon location. Either way, with the rest of the menu the way it is, it's not really a place to go and get pho. Now the sweet and spicy salmon soup is a different story, as well as the curried squid, the last dish on the menu (steak something), and just about everything else I've tried.

    I *think* that there aren't many pho offerings in the district, but if there are I'm sure they'll pop up here.

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      Thanks! We had a feeling that pho wasn't the feature item there! Everything else we saw come out looked amazing. I'll have to try that soup!

    2. The orange beef at Nam Viet is truly amazing. Please go back and get it.

      I'd say the best Pho I had in DC was in Georgetown at Miss Saigon. I'm not saying it is wonderful, just, the best I had...

      1. There are a bunch of places that serve Pho in Silver Spring and Wheaton Triangle but I can't tell you the name of a single one. One place that comes to mind is on Georgia Avenue on your right just as you leave the district but before you get to downtown SS. Sorry but I don't recall the name. Another place is in downtown SS in an area I can only describe as the Food Court. And I don't know about the Nam Viet in Cleveland Park but the one in Clarendon is excellent. If you don't have a car take the metro there and try it. Also try their wonton soup. It's not what you think.

        1. You can head over the the pho place in Rosslyn near Ray's the Steaks for pho. The shrimp and pork noodle soup is pretty tasty at Nam Viet. I also have routine cravings for the bun hanoi (pork over vermicelli noodles) and the garden rolls at Nam Viet. I wish they delivered...

          1. There are two Vietnamese places in Chinatown/Gallery Place that are next to Chinatown Express on H and 7th?. I've only had the pho at the little take out Vietnamese/Thai place that's closet to Chinatown Express. Sorry, the name of the place slips the mind. I found the pho there to actually be better than Nam Viet in Cleveland Park. The beef was nice and juicy and broth was pretty good.

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              A search of this board will yield much discussion about the best Pho (which you will probably have to go into Virginia far). I love Pho 75 in Rosslyn, which is the easiest to get to by car or metro. In Eden Center, there's the place that sells books out front and I think just does Pho on the inside. But I'm always happy to just cross the bridge into Rosslyn. Their 8:00 closing time is a big drawback.

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                I think it was called Pho Saigon, but it hasn't been open for a couple of weeks now. I don't know if it is closed for good, closed for renovations or just closed because the construction next door is such a pain. I hope they come back. It is the only decent pho in the city.

                1. re: Hoosierland

                  It is tough to find a good pho place in the city. All the good ones I have been to have been in virginia. Pho 75 is probably my favorite. Then there is Pho Cyclo but that is off of Route 50 in Annandale (they also have seafood pho which is a bit difficult to find). In the city- I have found they are not as great (although I have not been to the one that botnot mentioned). I'd say if you have a car make the trek over the key bridge into Rosslyn- it is totally worth it! But warning- don't expect the greatest service. Maybe that's also why the place is so charming.

                  1. re: xena1441

                    Isn't that Pho 75 a short walk from the Rosslyn Metro?

                    1. re: mselectra

                      I guess it is- about a 10 minute walk I think. But just so you know it does close at 8 everyday.