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Sep 12, 2007 02:51 PM

Spain Restaurant & Bar

Hi guys,

My friend can't help raving about Spain Restaurant & Bar (13th 6/7 Aves), anyone knows about this place? If worth going, what's not to miss?



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  1. I've been there a bunch of times. I used to go whenever I was with this group I used to hang out with a lot. It's a really fun old-school, kind of off-beat, spanish place. People are friendly and the vibe is nice. Decor is totally run-down but in a good way. The food is pretty mediocre, but they give out a bunch of free apps before you order - like spare ribs and mussels. I love it for the vibe, and because it's really really cheap.

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      The first time that I ate at Spain was well over 20 years ago, and it has stayed true to form ever since. Not the best, but not nearly close to the worst. The food is a tad salty, but it is copious and well-priced. The free apps are great (see psawce's comment, above) and I also like the chorizo. The paella is good, as well as the shrimp dishes and the ribs. It's a fun place, the crowd is great, lots of families, and the staff is quite accommodating. I've always had a great time at Spain.

    2. It's been there forever. As I get older I enjoy the place less- the novelty of the free yet substantial appetizers wears off, and you're left with the fact that the food is not very good, even at those prices. But the help really means well.