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Sep 12, 2007 02:33 PM

Littleton Ideas

Group wants to go to Melting Pot. Stick in the mud (me) dislikes said place even though it's fun as I don't want to spend that much $ for food that I cook and that tastes that bland. Comprimise is that we will go somewhere else nearby and then go to Melting Pot for dessert.

I don't get West very often... any ideas on something that is 1) fun 2) mid-tier price or lower ie: no, don't recommend Opus 3) tasty?

A really cool pizza or Italian place would be a crowd pleaser obviously, but Asian, Yankee, Mid-Eastern, etc.. would all be good. Cocktails a must (social anxiety). :-)

thanks in advance for ideas

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  1. I am with you on the paying to cook your food thing!

    I used to work in the area but the only places I can think of close to Melting Pot would be:

    Cafe Terracota (might be a little on the high side price wise).I have not been but right down the street from Melting Pot.

    Wild Ginger- Thai- really good if you think people might like Thai food. East on LIttleton Blvd. but not too far. Not sure they would meet the cocktail requirement. I can't remember what they have alcohol wise. Mostly went for lunch.

    There is also Mill Steakhouse. I have only been for drinks but would meet the cocktail/fun requirement. Probably the closest place to Melting Pot.

    Also close by is IL Vicino for casual pizza/wine/beer. I really like the pizza - thin crust/ not drowning in cheese, with fresh toppings. Also variety of salads and calzones. Part of a small local chain.

    Maybe people will have other suggestions. There might also be a couple of places in nearby Aspen Grove shopping area.

    1. The Bent Noodle is good - reasonable for Italian food and very garlic-y. YUM. I think it's at County Line and Quebec? Nicolo's Pizza is great too - easy and good.