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Sep 12, 2007 02:27 PM

Found good, authentic bagels in Tampa Bay!

Hi everyone -

Whenever I drive from Tampa to Clearwater Beach, I pass a funny little place called "Clear Water Bagels" on the left, a couple miles past the Courtney Campbell Causeway. I have always wanted to stop because it looked somehow promising and - well - as a Jew from the North, I just couldn't stomach one more big mushy too-sweet Einstein so-called Bagel. However I could never find any online buzz about the place.

I finally stopped today and I was soooo happy! They are REAL bagels - small, dense, crusty on the outside and chewy on the inside, no foofy flavors, totally satisfying. They also sell lox and whitefish, as well as the standard lineup of cream cheeses. It's a tiny place, the coffee looks real though I didn't have one, and everything is reasonably priced.

YAY! It turns out I didn't have to give up bagels after all when I decided to move here. I'm going to get at least a dozen and freeze them next time I go by.


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  1. Thanks SO much for that info! Everytime I go home to NY I come back to Tampa with 2 dozen bagels LOL

    1. They are great. They opened probably late '70's and it was unbelievably wonderful to have something other than Lenders, and when Clearwater Bagel turned out to be great, we thought we'd died & gone to heaven. Most folks don't notice them since thats a road you tend to zip along on.

      1. This may call for a road trip from Orlando. Since Manhattan Bagel in Altamonte closed I
        have to rely on care packages from my sister in Miami.

        1. The original comment has been removed
          1. Yes they are good from what I remember. I drive by there everyday for work but I never stop!

            Also in St. Pete, there is the St. Pete Bagel Co. I think you might enjoy their bagel style as well. Closer to what you find in NYC.