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Sep 12, 2007 02:18 PM

New Orleans in Nov.

A couple friends and i are continuing are quest to hit every NFL stadium. This year is New Orleans. What are some great local places to eat that represent New Orleans, or some dishes like Toasted Ravioli is to St Louis. Were looking for some places with a price point up to about 30 bucks

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  1. Lovely time of year to visit the city. One place you might enjoy is Mandina's. The price is right for you and its a New Orleans neighborhood restaurant, which has been around for years. I've always enjoyed going there during football season. Its lively and fun. Good seafood. You'll find good gumbo, trout amandine, seafood poboys, turtle soup etc... Please note that this is a "CASH ONLY" restaurant.

    1. We can all help you out but give us a few more clues. Do you want elegance or a sports bar ambience? Does it even matter? Do you mind taking a taxi or do you want some place within walking distance to the downtown hotels?
      Mandina's is a very good suggestion for a local place although I don't find the food to be that great. People seem to really like Cochon and I enjoy the food. It is downtown and it serves a great sampling of very local food with reasonable prices. The good restaurants in the French Quarter are not cheap unless you go to Acme Oyster Bar which is always a big treat for me since I like raw oysters. One other suggestion if you have a taxi is to take in an early dinner at Casamentos which will be open in November. They serve some of the best fried shrimp and gumbo in New Orleans. Also, the raw oysters are excellent and prices very reasonable.

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        We will have a car so that will not be a problem. We would like some resturants with good local flair and food. We dont need 25$ dollar and up places to eat. A friend of mine would like to get some Po boys while were there. We are actually staying about 30 miles east of New Orleans in Slidell. Its just 4 friends going to watch a football game and see the town. Some nice casual dining places that people reccomend or specific dishes to try.

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          Try Liuzza's for a neighborhood joint--I've not been since the storm but they used to have a pretty good stuffed artichoke (all of which, in recent years, have become more breadcrumbs than anything else)

          1. re: hazelhurst

            Arabi food store is my fav po boys, roast beef fully dressed. 20 min MAX from the FQ with traffic

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            Do a little digging around on this board. There are a few threads about the best poboys in the city. For my money, they're found at Parkway Bakery, Domilese's, Parran's (in Metairie), Ye Olde College Inn, and Mandina's (for a meatball). Other cheap eats: a muffaletta (from Central Grocery only), beignets at Cafe Du Monde, boiled crawfish, shrimp, or crabs (forget Maryland, ours are more flavorful and cheaper to boot), fried seafood, found just about anywhere, but Bozo's in Metairie is my fav. Oh, and there's always burgers (dressed, with grilled onions) and a chocolate freeze at Camellia Grill at Riverbend. For a slightly more expensive place, but a really fun atmosphere, I think you guys would like Jacques-Imo's, which is in the same neighborhood as Camellia Grill. The Maple Leaf Bar next door is a great live music venue and is a quintessential New Orleans joint.

            A word of advice: You've got a car, use it. Many of the pleasures of the city are found outside of the French Quarter.

            1. re: HalfShell

              HalfShell is giving you good advice. Parkway is an old favorite. I was a childhood member of Ye Olde College Inn and, as much as I'd love to tout it, I've not been back since Katrina (The old building was demolioshed this past summer). Great people over there...and the bread rolls were terrific. that said, thare has been caviling about the bread quailty in town...I've encountered trouble myself. The theory is tha the bakers fled during the storm and that the New People just cannot "do it right". I dunno. I DO know that things are uneven and that will effect your Po-Boy. I defer to Hungry Celeste as being more "on the ground" than am I at the moment and perhaps she can help.

              Just for fun, the Maryland Crabs almost _all_ come from the Gulf Coast....the Cheasapeake is fished-out. Sad to say and we hope it will rebound but all those famouse soft shells (available for scant weeks!!!) are from Texas and La. Jist facts, ma'm

              1. re: hazelhurst

                Poboy bread seems to be okay these days, but we suffer from a lack of choices, as my old favorite Gendusa's was bought out long before the storm. Still no replacement for the peerless United Bakery italian loaves & muffalatta breads...sigh.

                Jazzy Poboys on Port St. is good, and you can dine in a ruined neighborhood, patronize a small business, and shoot the breeze with nice folks. Hit Lil Dizzy's soul food buffet (either downtown or on Esplanade).

                1. re: hazelhurst

                  La Boulangerie on Magazine for great bread. ( REAL baguettes, not po-boy type loaves).

          3. I'm going to NOLA for the first time in November. I've heard alot about Willie Mae's. Does anyone have anythoughts?