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Sep 12, 2007 02:13 PM

restaurant / food req's for vegan

Hi, I and 3 co-workers are going to be in New Orleans for 5 days at the end of september for a conference. I've gotten many good recomendations off of the board already but my problem is that one of our party is a strict vegan. Does anyone have any advice for lunch / dinner. We are staying at the Hilton riverside on Poydras st. We'd like to have at least one fancy dinner while we are there. Also should i be making reservations now?

thanks so much


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  1. Oooh, that's tough. I think Fiorella's has a fried pickle po-boy, and Liuzza's has a french-fry poboy, both of which, depending on what one dresses it with, might give a vegan a chance to eat a po-boy. Fiorella's isn't far from the Hilton, and it would probably be a good lunch option.

    As far as a fancy dinner... quite a few places will offer combinations of a number of sides as an entree, but as to whether those sides would be free of any animal products, I wouldn't know. New Orleans can be a tough town for vegetarians, let alone vegans. Hopefully someone else can chime in with some better advice.

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      Maybe Rio Mar, because they offer several different tapas. Vegans seem to have varying requirements for one to another. How strict is the vegan?

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        full on animal products at all. I have been looking through the menus of the places i think we might go and i'm thinking she might starve to death while we're there (or have to hit a market and eat in the hotel room).

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          This site,
          Eatiing Out New Orleans, lists vegan places galore. It lists Cuvee as a nice restaurant for vegans and suggests calling ahead to any restaurant to give them a heads up. I"ve never been there but friends and I had delicious meals at Ralphs on the Park in August. One is a vegetarian who eats wild caught seafood so our needs were not as difficult as yours. I would recommend calling and asking if they serve vegan dishes.
          If you go to one of the restaurants on Frenchmen, be sure to check out the music scene on that street. Lots of great free music in the clubs.

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            Thanks for the website. It is very helpful. Has anyone eaten at Bennachin?
            Or Slim Goodies or Barrack St Cafe?

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              I love Slim Goodies, but its not really anything special - just a good breakfast diner, with a few lunch options. The wife is addicted to their Sweet Potato pancakes (though these probably aren't vegan).

              That reminds me, you might want to try the Blue Plate - again, its mostly a breakfast spot, but they have a more interesting menu, and I'm pretty sure they have a couple vegan entries. Plus, Blue Plate serves alcohol, which is an essential part to a healthy brunch.

      2. I may be stepping into something here, but is your vegan friend really that much into food to begin with? I know several vegans and food is fairly low on their list of priorities. I don't think it makes sense to let the person who may not be really into food anyways make all the dining decisions. This is probably not a popular viewpoint, but I suggest a compromise with your vegan. You're already making a special effort to find places where they can get something that suits them, and that's great, but you shouldn't restrict yourself to only those places for every meal. I'd suggest letting them know that you want to go to at least some places which may or may not have vegan options, and since you've accommodated them so far, they should be able to put up with it and either eat before or later if they can't find something that suits them.

        I'm not anti-vegan or anything. In fact, this weekend we're going to be trying our hand at seitan. I'm just saying that there's a lot of good food in New Orleans, and it would be a shame to miss it, especially trying to accommodate someone who may not really be all that into food in the first place.

        Places favored by my vegan friends are linked below. They're decent places, too. Nirvana has a good selection of Indian breads.

        Nirvana Indian Cuisine
        4308 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA 70115

        Lebanon's Cafe
        1500 S Carrollton Ave, New Orleans, LA 70118

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          Oh lordy...the goal is certainly not to only eat at places she can find vegan entree's. I've been researching restaurants for the group (and looking at menus) and I'm sincerely woried that she isn't going to be able to eat anything at the bulk of the places we are going to go. I'd like at least one place she can have a great meal.
          thanks for your suggestions.

        2. If I were you I would look into Herbsaint. It is a fantastic place and they cater to the needs of specialty diners. I have never had any problems with getting a delicous vegetarian meal...I'm sure they can accomodate vegan as well. I would notify the hostess of your request when making the reservation.
          *They are located downtown on St. Charles Avenue.

          1. Any of the fine dining places here would be able to accompany her if you simply ask the chef. Many chefs like this kind of request because it challenges them to do something different that what they've been making that night. My mother is a vegetarian, and she often just asks the chef to prepare dishes for her and they are frequently the best on the table. August would be a great place to go, as well as the previously reccommended Herbsaint. Cuvee would also be high on my list.

            1. Muriel's on Jackson Square have a vegan dish on the menu.