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Sep 12, 2007 02:13 PM

Considering day trip to Tiverton Four Corners

Thinking about taking a drive up here. What are some places to eat and what else is in the area besides the Four Corners Shops? Thanks, Rich

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  1. The Sakonnet Vineyards apparently has a cafe now. Has anyone been there? I used to like bringing a picnic there and buying a bottle of wine. Can you still do that and use one of the tables under the umbrellas -- or is that now part of the cafe?

    1. The perfect Tiverton late summer lunch eating experience (in my opinion) is a lobster roll at Evelyn's (a few miles north of Tiverton Four Corners) overlooking a very beautiful bay, followed by ice cream at Gray's.
      If you are still in Tiverton around dinner time, I suggest that you go east one town to Westport and eat at the Back Eddy (on Westport Harbor).

      1. I highly recommend the Boathouse on Rt 138 - from Rt 24 take the Rt 138/North Tiverton exit - you'll be facing Sakonnet Manor nursing home, take a right and it's about 1/4 mile up on the left, I forget the name of the condo complex but take a left into the complex and go alllll the way down the hill to the water.

        Not much besides 4C. Have wine at Sakonnet, but that winery pales in comparison to Westport Rivers, about 12 miles away - If you go there, you could also eat at The Back Eddy Last but not least, and

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          This is my neck of the woods and I agree with JaneRI that a visit to Westport Rivers, then the Back Eddy, is the way to go. The Boathouse is a good place for a drink, great view. I am always annoyed by Evelyn's; good fish but everything else that accompanies it is substandard. If you come to 4 Corners, you can wind your way over to Westport by taking a left at Gray's, then bear right at the fork and simply follow the road through Adamsville--a nice ride. As you come into Westport, Wood's ice cream is on the left, and it's good.

        2. Don't go to Tiverton FC expecting a lot of hubbub. It's pretty sleepy but I think RI folk like it that way. There are some interesting shops, Evelyn's is the best for food. I had an excellent ginger ice cream at Gray's over Labor Day weekend. I wouldn't recommend the Boathouse. Feels (and is) corporate. Rather generic, but pretty setting. I would recommend extending your drive to Little Compton and potentially Westport, MA, particularly if you enjoy wine and/or beer. Knock around Little Compton - go off the beaten path and you will see some beautiful, wide-open spaces. In Little Compton, Sakonnet, as already mentionned, is lovely and friendly. In Westport, you will find Buzzard's Bay Brewery and Westport Rivers Winery - sister operations 5 minutes between each other. For a lively and raucous meal, Back Eddy is the only game in town, but it's a fun one. We had a nice meal of Thai-spiced mussels (lemongrass, ginger, garlic-infused), local fish sandwich accompanied by delicious fries, local goat cheese app, plenty or bread to sop up the broth of the mussels, crisp white wine, Buzzards Bay brews on the bar, of course (we are not table-diners). Enjoy! It's a great part of New England...a bit off the beaten path!

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            I've never been to Evelyn's...based on these posts I just looked it up and will def give it a's more than I had pictured. Although I do really enjoy the Boathouse and there are times I just want to sit in that sort of atmosphere (upscale, pretty, w/ cocktails) and a place like Evelyn's just won't do.