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Sep 12, 2007 02:04 PM

Where to Eat after game at Shea--7 train

Where would you eat after the game on Sunday? Something walking distance from the 7 train back to Manhattan is required. Preferred cuisines would be Greek, Thai, Korean, Caribbean or Middle Eastern. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. i feel like a repeating record. ;-) there are a few threads on this, a search would be nice. but your best bets:

    spripraphai (61st st), ufc chicken (74th st), various chinese restaurants & stalls (main st), jackson diner (74th st), de mole (46th st), la flor (52nd i believe), etc.

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    1. re: Linda

      i second spripraphai. Get the soft shell crab with pumpkin & pineapple.

      1. re: monalisawoman

        Thanks for the suggestion, but I was well aware of those. I was sort of hoping for something new, not frequently discussed. For example Nagaski is almost never discussed on this board, I was wondering if that place is still around.

        1. re: Ora

          not sure where that is, is it japanese, as in nagasaki?

          1. re: Linda

            I ate there once years ago and it was delicious. It is Chinese Jamaican. Last time I went, I was driven so I have no idea where it is. I recall hearing there were 2 locations, one in Queens one on LI. It is very different from the usual places mentioned on this board. I was hoping to hear of some new places reminicient of that. And I can't seem to hear of any good caribbean spot along the 7 line. Thanks for any info as as always.

            1. re: Ora

              Not many caribbean people living along the 7. Population tends towards Mexican, South/Central American, South Asian, S.E. Asain, Korean, Chinese, Irish, Turkish, Balkan. There are a couple of Cuban places along the way, but they're not all that good. For Korean you might try one of the places on the south side of the 74th St. station or Natural Tofu in Sunnyside. If you want different Thai from Sri maybe the Issan (or "Esan") Zabb on under the 7 just east of the BQE? Or perhaps Burmese Cafe on same block? The only middle eastern are the several Turkish places in Sunnyside. I really liked Turkish Grill on the N. side of QB.

              1. re: Woodside Al

                Thanks Al. Where are the best Caribbean places in Queens these days? I am willing to connect off the 7 for something great. I used to love a place called La Detante (sp?). It used to be near LAG. It was a fancy(ish) Haitian place that had really good food. Sadly it closed many years ago.

                1. re: Ora

                  I really can't answer that question, except to say that most of the Caribbean population in Queens is located in the southeast part of the borough. There is still some in the East Elmhurst area you mention up near LGA, but I don't know of any restaurants there and that neighborhood is pretty quickly changing to more South American and Asian. Brooklyn, of course, has a very large Caribbean areas, but that really isn't much help if you're going to Shea.

                  1. re: Ora

                    I never got to try La Detente, but after googling just now I realized what replaced it: that bizarre-looking, thatch-roofed place on 94th St. near LGA. Juicy article highlighting community complaints about it: The Queens Gazette devoted quite a lot of column space to the story!

                  2. re: Ora

                    Nagasaki was in Rosedale. I believe on Francis Lewis Blvd a block or two No. of Sunrise Hgwy. I don't think it's still around. They had great food! Here's a place we love to get take out from near Shea. They also have a couple of tables. Tikka Grill on Astoria Blvd. Great curry goat and kebabs. All the black car drivers from LaGuardia eat there.

                    1. re: johnk

                      I'm glad you remember Nagasaki! Boy was that food good!

                      1. re: Ora

                        At least as of a few months ago, the Hempstead Nagasaki was still in business. Given their mixed menu, we found something for everyone--Mom, who raises the meaning of safe, bland and boring to an art form; her home health aide, who is Jamaican and likes things traditionally Jamaican and hot, hot, hot and then my sister, my teenage nephew and me, who get a litte bit adventurous sometimes. Oh, but we did get Mom to taste the cow foot once! The combination plates are fun, especially if you want to try new things and you are with a group that is willing to share.

                        1. re: Shayna Madel

                          I will look into Hempstead. I am dying to go back.

          2. Okay, the game ends and that subway platform is JAMMED. So why not go to the empty eastbound platform and take the train one stop to Main Street Flushing??? Fabulous restaurants, as you know, and when you go back the train will be empty. Some suggestions, all near the station.

            Sichuan -- Spicy& tasty, Little Pepper
            Eclectic northern, but all lamb -- a fan ti
            Cantonese -- Imperial Palace, Ocean Jewel, Corner 28 (upstairs)

            For a first time, I'd go with Spicy & Tasty or Imperial Palace or Corner 28.

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            1. re: Brian S

              Every time I go to a Met game I just walk over to Little Pepper. It's a 15 minute walk and fine during the day.
              And for Cuban food, Brian is correct as always, Rincon Criollo is very good.

              1. re: el jefe

                Rincon Criollo sounds up my alley...will report back if we make there. Thanks for all suggestions.

                1. re: Ora

                  I hope you enjoy it! It's a few steps from the subway. The slow-cooked stews are the best thing, as well as the beans served free with your meal. I wouldn't get plain grilled meat, though. Except maybe for the Sunday lechon.

              2. re: Brian S

                I agree with Brian's post. Much less stressful. And you can get a bubble tea for the ride home.

                one thing I would suggest if calling ahead to make sure your chosen venue is open/serving after the game. day or night, weekend or weekday

                1. re: sarapeater

                  Has anyone ever tried food cart on Roosevelt btwn either 114 and 111, or 111 and 108 (I forget)? They seem to be there after night games. Food smells good, but I'm usually stuffed after the game so I've never tried it...