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Sep 12, 2007 01:18 PM

Personal Chef in Philadelphia to do cooking demo for a party

I am looking for a fun personal chef who will come to my Center City home and cook for a dinner party of 20 guests- while also demonstrating the cooking process. Does anyone have any suggestions??

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  1. Shola Olunloyo:

    I have no idea what he charges or how he conducts a dinner party, whether he cooks at the client's house or brings things with him, but one of the best meals I've ever had was his guest chef dinner at Restaurant M a while back.

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      There was an article in the Inquirer on August 23 by Dianna Marder about the rise in number of personal chefs in the Philly Metro area. One of the personal chefs featured that article could work. It could also give you some suggestions in general.

      Another good option would be to try the Restaurant School. A number of their culinary/chef instructors could do this very well, and they would be well suited to explaining and demonstrating each part of the cooking process. However, the instructors at the Restaurant School all work at restaurants in the evenings when they're not teaching.

      Finally, a restaurant chef that I would strongly recommend is Chef Ron over at Le Bec-Fin. He's a great guy, very personable, and very talented.

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        Great Idea, the blog speaks for itself and in addition to food has an intellectual humor to it. Did you have the Suzuki at M Buckethead ?

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          Yes! Yes! Yes! God yes!! What a perfect piece of fish. I'm actually in one of those pictures.

          Dessert was the best thing though. I never figured that chocolate and wood smoking would go together.

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              Actually I was just looking at Shola's blog remembering that dinner and the suzuki dish isn't featured in any of the closeups, but it's the one they're plating in the last few pics on the first set of pics:


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          I work in the entertainment business and we use Chef Andy Lorusso all the time for our clients events. He is ALOT of fun. There is a video demo of him on our website search for Andy Lorusso. If interested, call Mari Sanders at 865-689-7376

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            Shola is amazing. Anything he touches turns sublime, and he is one heck of a good demonstrator as well. I'm the gal who crawled up those stairs on her hands and knees to dine at STudio Kitchen. And, I'd do it again...

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